How to customize Windows desktop using Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. It can customize your desktop skins, along with applications such as Windows Media Player. Rainmeter has thousands of skins which you can access via DeviantArt. There are all sorts of skins available, be it Jarvis or your favorite anime. Installing skins via Rainmeter isn’t hard, but customizing skins according […]

How to Turn Windows 7 Transparent

People who dabble into desktop customization have always wanted to try a transparent desktop at some point of time. Turning your desktop transparent hasn’t been a dream for several years now. Believe it or not, two files is all you need to acquire a completely transparent desktop. Click here to download files Steps: Extract the […]

How to Install Custom Themes on Windows 7

Windows 7 contains many themes, you can select the theme you prefer by right clicking anywhere on your desktop and opening the  “Personalize” menu. The personalize menu mainly contains 3 types of themes, Basic, High Contrast and Aero themes. Aero themes are the ones that you’d want to pick if you’re trying to step-up the look […]

How to Access Hidden Games on Mac

Navigate to directory

All Macs come pre-installed with Emacs — a highly customisable text-editor mostly known for being an interpreter for Emacs Lisp (programming language). What is lesser known about is that Emacs also has a number of games that can be played right from the terminal with just a line of command!

How to Install Apps with Expired Certificate on Nokia Devices

Expired Certificate Error

Encountering installation errors such as “Unsigned Application” or “Expired Certificate” isn’t something new for Nokia Users. While the Unsigned Application error can be patched by using third-party private keys with singing applications, there’s a relatively easier path to tackle Expired Certificate error.

How to Upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 Natty Narwhal Beta 1

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1 Desktop

Ubuntu’s latest release 11.04, nick-named Natty Narwhal was made available on 3rd April. The major changes are the implementation of Unity, replacing GNOME. The new interface is more attractive and easy-to-use. OpenOffice is replaced with LibreOffice in this version and the default music player is no more RhythmBox. Banshee Player has taken RhythmBox’s position. Firefox […]

How to Mount ISOs on Linux using Terminal

Change Directory and Mount ISO

ISO is a widely popular  disc image format. It is an archive that contains the image of a disc, ie. the data that is present on an optical disc. There are many applications that can help you create and access ISO files. Talking about Ubuntu and other mainstream Linux Distributions, they can mount ISOs using […]

A Complete Guide for Switching to Ubuntu

linux-3 []

Ubuntu is one of the cleanest and most widely used Linux distribution, well-suited for average users. You don’t need to be a labeled Geek to install and use Ubuntu. It’s quite easy to get along with it – you would love it from the first sight!