Expired Certificate Error

How to Install Apps with Expired Certificate on Nokia Devices

Expired Certificate Error

Expired Certificate Error

Encountering installation errors such as “Unsigned Application” or “Expired Certificate” isn’t something new for Nokia Users. While the Unsigned Application error can be patched by using third-party private keys with singing applications, there’s a relatively easier path to tackle Expired Certificate error. Continue reading  

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1 Desktop

How to Upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 Natty Narwhal Beta 1

Ubuntu’s latest release 11.04, nick-named Natty Narwhal was made available on 3rd April. The major changes are the implementation of Unity, replacing GNOME. The new interface is more attractive and easy-to-use. OpenOffice is replaced with LibreOffice in this version and the default music player is no more RhythmBox. Banshee Player has taken RhythmBox’s position. Firefox 4.0 is the default browser. Continue reading  

Change Directory and Mount ISO

How to Mount ISOs on Linux using Terminal

ISO is a widely popular  disc image format. It is an archive that contains the image of a disc, ie. the data that is present on an optical disc. There are many applications that can help you create and access ISO files. Talking about Ubuntu and other mainstream Linux Distributions, they can mount ISOs using Archive Mounter and other such softwares. This tutorial is for few that don’t have them, or for the ones who’d just like to play around with Linux in a geeky way. Continue reading  

Firefox - The Best Browser

How to Install Firefox 4.0 on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Software Center is a the easiest way to install applications on Ubuntu, but the problem is that it necessarily might not have latest versions. I belong to the Firefox community and I wanted to get the latest version on my Ubuntu. As I’ve had no previous experience of installing/running softwares from their sources that are available in various formats such as .tar.bz, .tar.bz2, etc, it was quite a big task for me – but it turned out to be unexpectedly easy!

Continue reading  
Avast Internet Security

[Giveaway] Who wants Avast! Internet Security 5, one-year license?

Update: We have our lucky winners, Basim Rauf & NV Suman. Congrats!

This is going to be the first-ever giveaway on HL, expect more to come up soon! We’re giving out 2 one-year licenses for Avast Internet Security worth $33 to the winners in this giveaway. This giveaway is valid till the end of January, 2011. The winners will be declared on 1st of February. Continue reading