Hide your Files in a Picture/Image

Haw you got some confidential files to hide?
Or just don’t want others to see your files?

After reading this Article you will be able to hide files under images so that others aren’t able to get them out.

Tools Required:

  • WinRAR
  • Files to Hide
  • A picture (I recommend .jpg format) in which files will be hidden
  • Command Prompt (or MS-DOS)

Follow the steps below:

  1. Put the files which you want to hide in a WinRAR archive. Then you get a single file:(‘filename’.rar).Since now I’ll be reffering to the archive as “files.rar”.
  2. Create a folder named “Secret” on the disk where Windows is installed (usually C:\\).You can choose any other name for the folder as far as you remember it.
  3. Put ‘files.rar’ in “Secret” along with the .jpg image. Let us assume the .jpg image to be “cover.jpg”.
  4. Preparation Done…!!!
  5. Now its time for the real operation.Go to ‘Run'(Windows Logo Key+R) and type “cmd” without quotes.
  6. Now you are on to command prompt. The default position of CMD (command prompt) is C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]>
  7. What we got to do is to point it to the folder ‘Secret’. To do this type:”cd C:\Secret\” without quotes. cd stands for Chnge Directory.
  8. Now type:”copy /b cover.jpg + files.rar output.jpg”.
  9. Go to the folder “Secret”. There you will see a file “output.jpg”. That file contains your archive which has your hidden files.
  10. Now you can only open the files in the image “output.jpg” using WinRAR by right-clicking on “output.jpg” and choosing the option ‘Open with…’ and then selecting WinRAR.

Keep your Secrets SAFE!

Secret Codes for Sony Ericsson

Just some Universal Sony Ericsson mobile codes:
Getting your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity):
Number: *#06#

Access Software version:
> * < < * < * Reach last dialed numbers: 0 then # The Sony Ericsson Secret Menu screen: -> * <- <- * <- * Change to Default Language (English): <>

Info about SIMLOCK:
< * * < Opening phone without a SIM card: **04*0000*0000*0000# followed by on ?Wrong Pin? number