Change your Recycle Bin’s Name

When you personalize your desktop, the Recycle Bin looks odd, dont you think so?
So here’s a small registry hack to change the recycle bin’s name:

To change the name of recycle bin or rename recycle bin in Windows XP,
Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98 or Windows 95, just edit a registry value:

1. Open registry editor by going to Start -> Run, and execute regedit.
2. Navigate to the following registry branch:


3. On the right pane, locate the registry key of LocalizedString.
4. Double click on LocalizedString or right click on LocalizedString and
select Modify to modify the registry value.
5. You should see the default value of


Delete the default value. and then rename (very first default value) your desired new recycle bin?s name in text, e.g. Garbage Bin.
6. Refresh your desktop or Windows Explorer by pressing F5.
You will see the new recycle bin name.

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