Convert a Trial into Fullversion

I am always searching the net for good softwares and when I find them, they all are Trial Versions.

So a Trial? Means 30 Days or less. I started thinking….I found out that a trial software records its date of installation in a file in its folder and counts days.

So if after the trial is over, and when you delete its folder in which the date was recorded, the software would probably think that you have installed just now and then it creates a new date-recording-file.
And your trial starts over again…And if you want the Again..and Again!

Enough of writing, let’s come to the point.
Follow these 8 simple steps below:

  1. Get a trial and wait for it to be over, come back to this post after it is over :P LOL
  2. Uninstall the trial and restart your computer (if it is required).
  3. Then…The software’s settings folder is located in? C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\Application Data (in Windows XP), in Windows Vista, it will be in C:\Users\(Username)\Application Data (doesn’t work in Vista if UAC is on)
  4. Look for your trial software’s name or company name in that folder. If you are having difficulty in getting that then check each of the folders content.Or search it.
  5. After you get that folder, just delete it.
  6. Now its time for some Registry work.Open Run (Windows Logo Key+R) and type ‘regedit’ in the registry editor, browse to My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and then search for your software’s folder and delete it. Do the same in?My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE ,leave it if you don’t find the software there.
  7. Install the trial again and then it works from the starting.
  8. Repeat the same directions when your trial is over again!

Enjoy Fullversions!

Note: This is the legal way of doing it. Otherwise a crack or keygen can be used to convert it to full version forever, but illegally :D

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  1. Revo Uninstaller is another way of doing this, in a more streamlined manor. It picks apart files installed by any given application, and allows you to remove that which you select. If memory serves, its still free.

  2. what a great information……….!!!! I never heard …It is the first time in my life …..

    thanks thanks really thanks.

  3. hello i am sanjay. I have typing master pro 7.01.794[limited trial version 2009]. I want – please find its license id and product key that i can use fully forever .please.

  4. hi sir i purchase smart adhar pro software but this software serial key i want how can i get it free pls help me . anand from mumbai thanks

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