Executable Viruses

I’ve downloaded a lot of stuff from net.And experienced that most of the fullversions/cracks have viruses attached to their exe files or executables and in cabs or cabinets.
 This hack was done by me by “mistake”. I had chosen the option “Don’t show known file Extentions” so I got the Winrar’s Logo on the cab file and thought that I had to extract it. I did that and messed up the cabinet. Then I thought of whether .exe file can also be extracted using WinRar and went Well!
This hack is very useful, as some antiviruses don’t allow a specific application to install if it has a virus in it.

(I recommend you to have the Avast Home Edition (It’s Free), its the Best Antivirus!)

So it goes this way:

  1. To do this, you need to have Winrar or any other such software, a fullversion software/game that has virus in it.
  2. Right-click on the specific file(.exe/.cab) which has the virus, if you have Winrar, there will be “Extraxt to ‘(Folder)'” or “Extract Here”.
  3. Choose any one of it, then goto the folder where the file was extracted.
  4. According to me, there will be to files, one is the real software’s installer and the other will be a virus, which was attached to the installer.
  5. Open the one that you think might be the installer, don’t worry if you have opened the virus your antivirus will detect it and prevent you from opening it.

4 Replies to “Executable Viruses”

  1. (I recommend you to have the Avast Home Edition (It’s Free), its the Best Antivirus!)

    LOL, are you kidding me? Where did you get you so called "knowledge" from?

  2. And just for the record. Websites that have advertisements all over it and pop-ups on every hyper link are epic fail. You sir, are epic fail, and are not deserving of the tag "hacker" :(

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