Get Serials of Applications via Google

(Please Support the Application Developers, don’t use the cracks for ‘Official Use’ in any Form)

Google, as you know is the most widely used search engine and so it has become so popular and has the largest no. of sites indexed.
Use of Google search for hackers is like a Hacking Tool. In this tutorial you will get to know one of the main uses of Google as a Hacking Tool, searching for Serials in Google.
Here you go:

  1. Open and type “94FBR (Application’s name and version) 94FBR”.
  2. Searching the above query gives you a list of sites on which the serial of the Application name that you typed (be it a Game, Software, OS or whatever).
  3. Open the links one by one in new tabs and one of them should give you the serial, keygen or a crack for that App.

Actually the code 94FBR is a code used for denoting serials, so when you do type 94FBR at the starting and the end of the Apps name, Google searches for the serial of the App.
Its that Simple!

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