How to make a Scary Pop-Up

You can use this trick to scare your friends or to make something useful, like reminders you put in Windows Start-up.

Here are the steps on how to do a pop-up:

1. Open Notepad and type:

text1=msgbox(“your text here”,52,”your title here”)

Make A Scary Pop-up

You can write as many text message boxes as you want. The many you write the many pop-ups will appear.

2. Save the text as popup.vbs. Be sure the change the ‘Save as Type’ to ‘All Files’ .

3. You can use scary messages to make a prank to your friends, like:

text1=msgbox(“Virus Detected”,52,”Warning: VIRUS”)
text2=msgbox(“Virus is installing on your system”,52,”Installing…”)
text3=msgbox(“Virus is installing on your system”,52,”Installing…”)

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