USB as RAM in Windiws Vista!

Windows Vista has a useful feature called ReadyBoost that can use your USB as memory.But, the problem with it is that Vista does not take up the slower USB sticks in the market. To break through this limitation, here is a easy four step tutorial:

1.Get the stuff ready
Plugin your USB drive (disable autoplay feature if you have got it enabled) and open the properties of the drive.

2. Readyboost setup
Click on the Readyboost tab in the properties menu and check “Do not restest this device”. Do OK and unplug your drive.

3. Edit Registry
Open the registry editor; type ‘regedit’ in Run(Windows Logo Key+R).The editor should have started up by now.
Use the left-hand pane to browse to :HKLM (Local Machine)\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion \EMDgmt. You’ll have a list of USB devices the computer has encountered, one of which should be your USB drive.Single-click it.
Here’s a few bit that you gotta edit:

  1. Double click on Device Status and change the value to 2, Do OK.
  2. Do the same for ReadSpeedKBs and WriteSpeedKBs, changing their values to both 1000.
  3. Exit Regedit and cool down.

Back to work.
Now all that’s left to do is put the stick back in and once again go to the device properties. If you look under the Readyboost Tab, you’ll be able to now select ‘Use this device’, click it. Success!Enjoy a faster Vista.

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