View Live CCTV Cams: A Google Hack

What would you think if I say you that you can view the unsecured CCTV Cams from around the world.

This is just simple if you use the Best Hacking Tool.Yes, you’re right if you thought it is Google.

  1. Open and type the following code: inurl:indexFrame.shtml?Axis Video Server?
  2. Search it and you get the results of the unsecured CCTV Cams whixh you can view.
  3. There are some multiple Cams also. And remember, that some Cams can be Zoomed, Rotated or even Turned Off by You! Don’t try it as this can lead you in trouble, penalties and even imprisonment. I’m not actually sure whether its Legal or Illegal.
  4. The CCTV I got was of a Hospital and one of a National Building of USA and of a Beach at Hawaii.
Actually, the indexFrame.shtml is the Main Page of the Axis Video Server. And this hack works with most of the Axis Video Servers. So this hack can be called as a Server hack as the servers are foolish enough to index their whole site including that Page.
Enjoy Live Viewing.
Visit places which you never visited.

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