‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit

The easiest way of getting into other computer and getting access to its files is via “‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit”…
I’ll explain all the things in detail (as it is a step-by-step tutorial)
Files and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Clients is a feature of Windows which lets its users to Share Files and Printer over the Network. But hackers think differently, for them it’s the easiest way to get into a computer.
These are the steps that a hacker would take:

  1. Get your IP.
  2. Check for “File and Printer Sharing” vulnerability. By Going to Run/cmd.exe and typing: nbtstat [Ip address here] -N (it should be capital)…
  3. He would get something like: (note that this command is “nbtstat -n” not “nbtstat [ip address] -N”, both command s are different. nbtstat -n tells about the Local Address)
  4. The 2 digits in the <> brackets are Hex Codes of different services used…The Code to search for is <20> which means that “File and Printer Sharing” is enabled.
  5. Once he knows that it is, then he can Get into the files and folders you have shared!
  6. I’ll tell you to do that too.

  7. Now what he would do is:Net view \\
  8. He would get a response such as:Shared resources at \\ip_address
    Sharename??????????????????? Type?????????? Comment
    MY DOCUMENTS??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Disk
    TEMP??????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Disk
    The command was completed successfully.
  9. Now when he has got the list of shared resources, he could easily access them by using the “net use” command. Here’s what a ‘net use’ command would look like:
    Net use x: \\\MY DOCUMENTS
  10. That’s it…The Hacker has got access to the “My Documents” Folder…

Now, when I have explained about the lack of security due to the “File and Printer Sharing”, I would also explain how to securify it in my next post…
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Craagle: The Tool

Cracks, Serials, Keygens???
All at a Stop…
A Crack, Serial, Keygen search engine…CR@@GLE!
Download: Here!

Anonymous Browser

Guyz, now here’s a really good tool “Freegate” which makes you Anonymous, its a proxy!
Everyone wants to be anonymous…
Especially a hacker & others just wanna protect themselves from getting hacked. Anonymous browsing can’t be truly anonymous, there always are ways to trace out a anonymous person…
So remember don’t think that you can do illegal deeds by using this tool!
It makes you anonymous by giving you a random IP and also provides you with a Proxy to overcome the censorship…

Download: HERE

Increase your RAM via V-RAM?

GuYz & GaLz…
Increase your RAM via using the Virtual RAM feature of Windows…
Its a good feature if you’ve got real less RAM or want to run apps which require more RAM than what you have…
I found it while exploring the Control Panel…
Windows creates a paging file on the Windows directory named “pagefile.sys”. Actually this file is used as RAM by Windows, but still it can’t function like the real RAM. This RAM is called Virtual RAM or V-RAM(by ME!)…
The good thing is that you can also alter the pagefile; create multiple pagefiles and also alter its size limit…
Here’s how to do it:

  1. Goto “Control Panel” and switch to “Classic View” if it isn’t! Then open “System”.
  2. Move over to the “Advanced” tab and click? on the ‘settings’ under “Performance”.
  3. In the ‘Performance Options’ again move over to “Advanced”.
  4. At the bottom you can see the ‘Virtual Memory’ and a button under it “Change”. Click on “Change” and there you can change the settings for it…
  5. Its a better idea to create a paging file on all partitions of a drive. That’s what I did!


Some Simple VBS Scripts

Nowadays working on VBS…Some Simple OneS!
Save them all as “.vbs” and don’t forget to save as “All Files” to make it work!
Script 1: Alerter
This pops-up a message on the computer, with the message you type along with the Title.
lol=msgbox(“Your message over Here!”,20,”Title comes here!”)
Replace the message and the Title; save it as “something.vbs”…Send to others and enjoy!

This could really become freaking if you type some good messages over there…I had written in the message that “Your computer is hacked by HacK_MiNDeD…Crash Computer?” and the title “Critical Error”….

I tried it by sending to someone on yahoo as “hackingtools.vbs”…that guy really thought that I had hacked him…he started shouting and even told me that he would report it to his ISP…

Script 2: Dancing CD-ROM
Freak Title?…Can you imagine CD-ROM dancing in its own Style….I mean Coming out and going in!! [:)]
The Code:(Save it as “something.vbs”)

Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7” )
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
Next ‘ cdrom
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
Next ‘ cdrom
End If

The only way to stop the CD-ROM from doing all it is…
Goto Task Manger (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and in the ‘processes’ tab, find “wscript.exe” and end/kill/close it!

Script 3: Type, Type & Type!
This script keeps on typing the message you write over there….as if you’ll be controlling his Keyboard…
Really messy script…
Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “Your Mess-age here!”

Did you notice that the last two projects contain the command “loop” in the last line?
I’ll explain now what ‘loop’ is…
Oh well..The command loop tells the computer to repeat the same command untilll..(you specify it to)
And as you can notice, we didn’t specify anything/case so it goes on repeating!
Have Fun…!

Rapidshare No-Waiting Bug

Ya, you heard it right…
I was bored of the timers of Rapidshare…which disallowed me to download toolz…
I searched the net and here’s what I got….A Script to pass the timer….

Goto the Rapidshare link from where you want the file.
Type this in the address bar an hit Enter “javascript:allert(c=0).”


This bug is now fixed…

Invisible Drives

So today you’ll be learning to Hide your Drives & make them truly invisible to others:
As you know, everything that I write is in an ordered form…:

  1. Go to ‘Run’ (Ctrl+R) and type ‘diskpart’, its one of the hidden tools of Windoze.
  2. There you type ‘list volume’. You get a bunch of Drives and their asigned letters along with some other info.
  3. For the drive you want to hide, note down the LTR (literally ‘letter’) and the ‘Volume ###’.
  4. Now type ‘select [volume ### here]’ then you get a message saying that “[volume ### here] is the selected volume”.
  5. Type ‘remove letter [ltr here]’ and if you get a message after that saying “DiskPart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point” then you’re done!
  6. Now the drive is invisible and you cannot access it…
  7. To get the drive back. Go to “DiskPart” again and choose the drive volume and select it and type ‘assign letter [whatever letter it was or you want it to be here]’ and yup, you get your drive back….

HidE YouR PrivatE FileS WithiN ThE DrivE IN A HacKeR’s STyLE-HacK_MiNDeD

Firefox Tabs-in-Tab : A Firefox Trick

Amuse your friends with this tabs-in-tab hack (not a hack, just a trick).
It opens tabs in a tab of Firefox which can help you to divide the crowd of the tabs among the sub-tabs….
Check this yourself…(and tell others too!)
Paste it in the address bar of Firefox and hit Enter: