XAMPP: The Ultimate Web Development Tool

XAMPPSetting up a Apache Server is not an easy job…and it can take up a lot of brain if you have to use languages such as PHP or Perl on your Apache Server. XAMPP is the solution for Web Developers who want a Local Web Server, which they can use even without access to Internet…

My Story

I came to know about XAMPP through a friend of mine, who is a Web Developer. He insisted me to use XAMPP for testing PHP scripts and trying out new things on Hacker’s Lane, on the Local Web Server. At first I thought it would be a mess and I won’t be able to install a Local Web Server for developing things. Later I realized that it was a very easy job to install a Web Server using XAMPP & now, I am using XAMPP and I’ve to say, its Awesome!

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is a free, open source , cross-platform web server package develped by Apache Friends. It mainly consists of Apache Web (HTTP) Server & MySQL Database. XAMPP also supports PHP and Perl, it has interpreters for scripts written in those languages.

What does XAMPP mean?

XAMPP is an acronym for: X=cross-platform, A=Apache HTTP server, M=MySQL, P=PHP, P=Perl.

What are its uses?

It’s used to serve Dynamic Pages. XAMPP is mainly used for Web Development Projects. Amazingly, XAMPP is sometimes also used to serve Dynamic Pages on the WWW.

XAMPP can also be used for creating and manipulating MySQL Databases.

Thats it for now, in my further posts, I would be posting on how to install, configure and use XAMPP as a Local Web Server on your PC. (Subscribe to RSS to be informed about the upcoming posts…)

eNet CIF Single Chip Webcam Drivers

I found a lot persons searching on the net for the drivers of a webcam named “enet” & CIF Single Chip Webcam Drivers. Once, I was also of those persons searching for that “enet” driver…and luckily found it after a lot of searching.

I thought to share it with other people and try to save their searching time.

Note: This drivers are not just for enet, they work well for all “CIF Single Chip” webcams.



via RapidShare

via MediaFire

via EasyShare

ISRO’s Bhuvan vs Google Earth


The India Space Research Organisation has done a lot for the advancements of Space Research & Administration in India. ISRO created history by the launch of Chandrayaan. And it has established two main Space Systems: INSAT & IRS & has developed two satellite launch vehicles PSLV & GSLV to place INSAT and the IRS satellites in the required orbits.

Now, ISRO is up with Bhuvan to compete with Google Earth. “Bhuvan” is a sanskrit word meaning “Earth”. Bhuvan will provide services similiar to Google Earth & Wikimapia, but it will be confined only within India.

Bhuvan has some special features which sets it aside from Google Earth & Wikimapia. It will have a better zooming efficiency, multilayer viewing technology, and it will update its data yearly unlike Google Earth & Wikimapia which update their data in 4 years. Using the multilayer technology, we can see data from the past dates also!

According to a article at TOI:

Bhuvan allows you to zoom far closer than the aerial view from a chopper. If Google Earth shows details upto 200 meters distance and Wikimapia upto 50 meters, Bhuvan will show images upto 10 meters, which means you can easily see details upto a? three floor high building and also add information.

And the last fact, ISRO’s Bhuvan will be using indian satellites.

Here’s a table of comparison of Google Earth & Bhuvan from Wikipedia:

Feature Google Earth Bhuvan
Max Zoom 200m 10m
Layer Single Multi
Update Frequency 4 yrs 1 yr
View Viewing from only one date. Options for viewing from different dates.
Source (Satellite) Commercial/International Indian
Imagery World World

I hope to see this ISRO’s new innovation go live soon. :)

3 Uncommon Internet Errors | Error 103, 104, 105

Error 103?104? 105? or 404?
Are you suffering from any of these errors?

Error 103: This error occurs when your computer or router is not able to find the internet connection. This error usually results by fault in the settings of the modem/router, and is the most popular error on DLink Modems and Routers.


  1. Try “https” instead of “http” in the URLs.
  2. Make sure your router or modem is configured correctly and your firewall is not blocking your internet connections.
  3. Reset your modem or router, and reconfigure it properly.

Error 104: Also appears as Error 104(ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED). This error occurs when your computer is not able to establish a connection to the server.


  1. Check if your internet connection/gateway connection is connected.
  2. Use a proxy server in your router.
  3. Take help of your ISP.

Error 105: This error occurs when the TCP connection to the server times out. This error occurs when there’s a big load on your network, your speed is too slow or your server is down.


  1. Check if your LAN is overloaded.
  2. Restart your router or modem.
  3. Reconfigure your router modem.

Password Viewers

Saving Passwords on IE, Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, etc helps you to easily access your account next time, without inserting your password, but this idea is no-good. Why? Read further to know the reason.

If someone has physical access to your computer, he can easily see your passwords using the softwares mentioned below, and there are other ways of password-theft online.

What these softwares basically does is it finds the file in which the passwords are saved, decrypts them and makes them visible to the user. You can carry these softwares in your Flash Drive and use them on your victims.

Some good password viewers:

  1. MSPass: Displays saved passwords of Messengers. Works for Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live/MSN, Skype and many others.
  2. IE PassViewer: Displays saved passwords of Internet Explorer.
  3. Password Fox: Displays saved passwords of Mozilla Firefox.

PollDaddy Polls Unlimited Voting (Exploit)

I recently found a way to do unlimited votes on PollDaddy Polls and other such Poll Systems

The Poll Services add a cookie and some additional data to your computer which prevents you from doing more than the prescribed votes (usually 1). But if you clear these cookies along with some data, then you can do more votes.

How to do unlimited voting in Firefox

We first need to setup Firefox according to our circumstances. Here are the things to be done:

  • Go to Tools>Options & click on the Privacy tab.
  • Uncheck the last option, “Ask me before clearing my private data“.

    Selecting Options
    Selecting Options
  • Then click on the “Settings” in the? “Private Data” column.

    Selecting the Settings
    Selecting the Settings
  • Click “Ok“, then “Apply” & click “Ok“.
  • Our Firefox is ready to help us do voting at a fast speed.

    Now just keep 2 shortcuts in mind:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Del (Clears Private Data)
  • Ctrl + R (Refreshes a page)
  • Now here are the steps to vote unlimited:

  • Go to the poll’s page.
  • Vote once.
  • Clear Private Data using the shortcut.
  • Refresh the page using the shortcut, then vote again.
  • For voting continuously, keep on repeating the steps 3 & 4.
  • How to do unlimited voting in Google Chrome

    Here are the steps:

  • Go to the poll’s page, do the vote.
  • Click on the tools tab (top-right corner) & choose “Clear Browsing Data…“.
  • Tick all the options & in the “period” select “Everything“. Click on “Clear Browsing Data“.
  • Refresh the page & vote again.
  • Repeat these steps to vote again.
  • Thanks to a special friend without whom, this post would not have been possible:)

Call for FREE to over 40 Countries

Yeah, now its possible to call for free over the net to over 40 countries, including India, China, US & Canada…!

While browsing the WWW, I came through a VOIP service called TuiTalk, which allows users to call for free to over 40? countries. (Click here to see the listed countries)

TuiTalk gives 6 free calling minutes to its users per day, these minutes are automatically added everyday to the user’s account. TuiTalk provides its users with free calling minutes for watching advertisements which are automatically displayed when a call is being made.

TuiTalk has recently released TuiTalk Mobile for its Mobile Users. The TuiTalk Mobile currently supports Windows Mobile and iPhone.

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