Change the Default Program Installation Location

The default folder in Windows where your Apps are installed is C:\Program Files. There’s a registry hack which allows you to change this default location to any other location of your wish. The Installation dirctory can be manally chosen while installing an App, but it’s better to apply this hack if you want to permanantly install Apps in any other directory except C:\Program Files.

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Know Someone’s IP & Location via Email

Getting someone’s IP Address or location was never so easy!

There’s a site which allows you to know the IP, Location, etc… of a person just by sending an email. The site is , which is actually meant for tracking emails but it can be used for getting such info also :P

For doing all this, you just need to attach an image provided by SpyPig. If you want, you can also use your images by making an ID @ .

To make the SpyPig image work, the victim must enable images in emails (which is usually disabled by default!). To make my victim do this, I made an ID at and added some wallpapers, and used them as SpyPig images and requested my victim to Enable images to view the wallpapers…