Add Your Favorite Folders to TaskBar

Are there any Folders which you visit very often? If yes, then a good news for you!
After reading this post you’ll be able to browse your favorite folder(s) without opening the Explorer Windows, via your StartBar, just like you browse the StartMenu!

  1. Right-Click on TaskBar, and go to “Toolbars>New Toolbar…“.
  2. In Windows XP, select the path/folder/directory option and then choose your Folder which you want to appear in TaskBar.
  3. In Windows Vista, the first step will pop-up a window that prompts directly for the Folder.
  4. After you have done that, you will see your favorite folder in the Taskbar, which opens just like a menu!

    Taskbar Toolbar
    Taskbar Toolbar

Cool!! Isn’t??

Change the Default Program Installation Location

The default folder in Windows where your Apps are installed is C:\Program Files. There’s a registry hack which allows you to change this default location to any other location of your wish. The Installation dirctory can be manally chosen while installing an App, but it’s better to apply this hack if you want to permanantly install Apps in any other directory except C:\Program Files.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open Registry Editor (Windows Key + R, and then type “regedit” and hit Enter).
  2. Browse to this direcory : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
  3. In “CurrentVersion“, look for “ProgramFilesDir” and double-click on it.
  4. In the “Value data“, enter the desired location.
  5. Hereafter, the Apps will be installed in the directory that you choose.

This trick can be useful if the C: drive is out of space and you want to shift apps to any other drive!

In-Built Scientific Calculator in Windows

The classic Calculator that you get with Windows has a “scientific” mode in it, which allows you to easily do scientific and complex calculations on your computer.
Here are the steps to get your Windows Calculator into scientific mode:

  1. Open Calculator (Windows Key + R, and then type “calc” and hit Enter).

    Opening Calculator
    Opening Calculator
  2. Go to “View” and choose the option “Scientific” from? the menu.
  3. Switching to Scientific Mode
    Switching to Scientific Mode

  4. Then you’ll see a calculator that has got a lot of things to get you going through your calculations.

    Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator

Learn C in 24 Hours

Hey there!
Do you want to learn C?

C is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. Programming in C is very easy, with less commands to remember. Programs written in C can be easily understood, as the commands in C are taken from human languages.

I too wanted to learn C, but in less time. After a long search at the WWW, I got this ebook titled “Learn C Programming in 24 Hours” & thought to share it here with you all. This ebook consists of 24 chapters, each of an hour. It as a well-planned ebook that follows a step-by-step procedure to make learning C easier.

Download: via Easy-Share

Know Someone’s IP & Location via Email

Getting someone’s IP Address or location was never so easy!

There’s a site which allows you to know the IP, Location, etc… of a person just by sending an email. The site is , which is actually meant for tracking emails but it can be used for getting such info also :P

For doing all this, you just need to attach an image provided by SpyPig. If you want, you can also use your images by making an ID @ .

To make the SpyPig image work, the victim must enable images in emails (which is usually disabled by default!). To make my victim do this, I made an ID at and added some wallpapers, and used them as SpyPig images and requested my victim to Enable images to view the wallpapers…