How to remove “Recent Items” from the Start Menu in Windows Vista

You know, disabling the recent times does more than just protecting the Privacy– it also speeds up the loading time of the Start Menu at start-up and saves the memory used to store Recent Items.

To disable “Recent Items” follow these:

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select “Properties“.
  2. In the properties window, browse to “Start menu“.
  3. Under “Start Menu“, look down for “Privacy” and disable (un-check) the first option, i.e., “Store and display a list of recently opened files“.
  4. That’s it, press F5 and open the Start Menu, you won’t see the “Recent Items” :)

Are My Sites Up?

Yesterday I found out a great service for Webmasters! It informs the webmasters via mail or SMS whenever their site has? a downtime, cool isn’t (for webmasters :P) ?

This site – – provides its users with the data of their site’s uptimes and downtimes. There are two types of memberships @, they are: 1.Free Membership 2. Premium Membership. The free membership plans has all the basic services of the site whereas the premium membership extends the flexibility & support. The premium plan supports RSS Feeds Checks & reports, Twitter Integration, Premium Support & Keyword Search.

I’ve signed up for the free plan of this service to monitor Hacker’s Lane! Let’s see if they do what they have said… :D

Make a USB PSP Charger

This is a easy step-by-step tutorial (for n00bs) for making a PSP USB Charger using the easily available materials…

Note: Follow the procedure properly or you may end up with a Malfunctioned PSP (And I won’t be responsible for it :P )

Materials Required

  • Any USB Cable
  • PSP Car Charger ( we need its charging end)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Insulation Tape/Electrical Tape
  • Solder Gun & Solder Wire (optional)


  1. From the PSP Car Charger, cut out the charging pin or take any pin that fits in the PSP’s charging port.
  2. Take any USB Cable and leave the end that you plug-in to your PC, and cut off the other end.
  3. Strip off the outer covering of both the wires. In the piece of wire that you had taken from the PSP Car Charger (or just the wire with the charging pin), you’ll find a central wire/inner wire (power) and a wire surrounding the central wire/outer wire (earth). Twist the inner wire and the outer wire and make sure that they don’t touch each other.
  4. In the stripped USB Cable, you’ll find 4 wires. The red one is +5volts and the black one is ground. We do not need the green and white wires as they are for data. others are ground and data wires. Strip off the red and black wires. Leave the data wires disconnected.
  5. Join the red wire with the inner/central wire and twist it, and join the black wire with the outer wire of the charger and twist that.
  6. Solder the previously joined wires (optional) and cover them with the insulating/electrical tape.
  7. Congrats! Your USB PSP Charger is ready…plug it to your nearest available USB port to test it out :D

Update: Instead of connecting the data wires (green/blue/white) with the ground wire (black/brown) in the USB Cable and then connecting them to the ground wire of the PSP Charger’s cable, cut the data wires in the USB Cable, leave them intact and just connect the ground wire of the USB Cable with the ground wire of the PSP Charger.

Update: Data cable error pointed out by bobdamnit.

Now you can charge your PSP wherever there’s a USB Port!


Disable Windows Security Alerts

That notification box is really bugging…and the icon with a red armor with a X seems really odd at the taskbar’s tray!

Security alerts are good but they become no-good when you want to ignore the alerts. Especially, when you’re on a PC with pirated Windows, and most of the pirated windows can’t do automatic there’ll always be a notification in the taskbar’s tray reminding you that the updates are off, and you can’t really help it out.


  1. Go to “Security Center”.
  2. Look on the left pane for “Change the way Security Center alerts me”.
  3. In XP, uncheck all of them and in Vista, choose the appropriate option.
  4. That’s it you’ve dumped that notification…