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Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing
Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing

Direct Navigation is a way of browsing on the usenet, where the users reach the site they are looking for, without the help of search engines or links from other directories or pages. Direct Navigation traffic is also called type-in traffic as the users type the term in the address bar followed by a “.com” which takes them to the relevant site. Those domains which the users type-in, which redirects them to the relevant sites are known as “generic domains”.

If you’re? a site owner, then Direct Navigation traffic is what you must be looking for! It will give you targeted, high-quality traffic for your site…This traffic tends to convert visits much better into sales or paying customers!

There are many Direct Navigation Marketers out there, but the one that I found good was Elephant Traffic

Elephant Traffic is a marketplace where the domianers -? the ones who own generic domains, & the advertisers – the ones who want traffic via the domainers’ domain meet.
The advertiser can search for generic domains relevant to their site and contact the domainer to redirect it to their site, and the domainers get money from the advertisers for the same!

Make Cool Run Command Shortcuts in Windows

Have you ever tried out “%TEMP%” in the Run window? If no, then try it now (it will take you to the temp folder where Windows stores Temporary files). These “%TEMP%” are called variables in Windows. (more…)

Get a custom profile URL on FaceBook

I joined FaceBook just a few days ago, and noticed that it has got loads of stuff compared to my previous favorite Social Networking Site: Orkut. Then while I was visiting one of my friends profile, I noticed the URL had my friends name at the end ““…but mine wasn’t so, it just had some numbers :X

I tried to find out how I could get that sorta URL, I asked that guy how he got it and he said that he has forgotten how he did it and asked me to look for it somewhere in the settings. I hunted every settings page, only to find that there wasn’t any option called “Custom Profile URL“!

At last, went to my best(est) friend Google, and found that FaceBook has started offering Profile URLs with the Usernames at the end, i.e, ““. But I didn’t find a way to get the Username and there wasn’t any “Username” option in the settings too.

Somewhere @ Some Forum, Someone told to visit and enter a Username over there, then you would get the Custom URL, if your luck is good.

I did that, at the next step I had to verify my mobile no. to get the Custom URL, and at last I got it!

Now my FB Profile URL is :)

Don’t have a Custom FB Profile URL? Get it Here !

Note : You cannot change the username later,so be sure to grab a good one!

Make the Shortest Redirection URLs on Earth!

Recently I posted on how to Make Valid Huge URLs, now this post is exactly the opposite of it!

I had came across a URL-Shortening site which lets you to make the shortest redirection URLs, when compared to any other URL-Shortening service. is what I’m talking about!


URLs shortened by are the shortest of all other similar services as it also allows special characters in the URL, which gives more number of combination than that of just the numbers and letters of other services!

And it also gives a special URL for use on Twitter!

Try it yourselves…

Make Your Own Social Networking Site for Free!

Yes! You’ve heard it right! Your OWN Social Networking Site! It is made possible with Ning!

Ning Logo
Ning Logo

I had came across this site some days ago and found that this site allows you to create your own Social Networking Site!

Ning lets you to create your own Social Networking Site for Free or you can also join sites created by others using the same…

Getting started with Ning is really simple, just go to the site and enter your Social Networking Site’s name and you’ll get it as a subdomain of Ning (i.e, Then you can edit your site according to your needs and then invite your friends and relatives to join it.

The Social Networking Sites made with Ning have the following functionalities:

  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go forward & make your own Social Networking Site with Ning !

Make valid HUGE URLs!

URL shortening services are getting popular nowadays, especially because of the mini-blogging craze introduced by Twitter. But after all these URL shortening sites, there’s a site which does exactly the opposite of it! is a URL lengthening service which expands any URL upto 3500+ characters! Amazing isn’t? And to your surprise, it would be a valid URL!

Give this site a try and send the huge URLs to your friends, they will be surprised. After all, Bigger is always Better, right? :P

Tip: Use this site to win the bet of the longest URL in the world :D

Disable & Remove WGA

Suffering from WGA Tool? The solution is below!

WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage tool is a tool provided my Microsoft to check whether you have an original Windows running on your PC or a pirated/counterfeited Windows…it is mandatory to install this tool when downloading something from the Microsoft Download Center. (more…)