A better torrent search engine is here!

Are you a regular user of torrents? If yes, then read on to know about a great torrent search engine that you’ll love!

At first, what I hate the most about torrents sites is their bugging ads which are there everywhere on the site and most of them are obscene. Up till now, Mininova.org was my favorite torrent search site but even they started showing ads and that too, scrolling ads – can’t get them out of your view! :| (more…)

Seen the Facebook’s TOUCH version?

FB Touch Version on PC
FB Touch Version on PC

Facebook is now Touch-friendly!

Yesterday while browsing Facebook via mobile, I just went at the bottom of the page to sign-out so as to login with anothr account. But, there was something unusual over there – a link “Touch Site“. I wanted to check out what’s different in the touch version of Facebook, so I browsed to it on the Nokia N70, though it wasn’t a touch phone (lol)… (more…)

Change non-www URL to www URL in WordPress

Today, I just changed the default URL of Hacker’s Lane from non-www version to www version, and now my blog’s URL feels better :)

I wanted to change it to www.hackerslane.com as I thought that it would look more professional, I didn’t have any idea how to do it. After a bit of Googling I found a plugin to do that and the plugin didn’t work :(

Lastly,? got how simple it is, to change the default blog URL in WP. You don’t need any plugin or any other hack. (more…)

Why “Twitter is Over Capacity”?

Twitter Over Capacity page
Twitter's Over Capacity page

Why is it so? At least one in five attempts to open a page on Twitter gives me the Over Capacity page shown above. It’s true that Twitter has become very popular in a short span of time with the introduction of micro-blogging. Their APIs are rocking the Web 2.0, you can see them everywhere – on corporate business sites, personal blogs, developer sites, etc., etc. (more…)

Windows Essencials Codec Pack for All Your Multimedia Needs

Get Codecs Pack
Get Codecs Pack

Ever been disappointed when you weren’t able to play your favorite movie on your PC or listen to the latest album of your favorite artist?

That was the case with me when I tried to play a movie which was in .mkv(matroska video) format. I hadn’t had any introduction with this format before, and whatever movies that I watched were in my favorite – XviD Codec :) (more…)

Detect & Block Trojans Manually

Block Trojans
Block Trojans

Sometimes, even antivirus softwares fail in removing the trojans, or they don’t even get to know that a trojan is residing on your PC…

Here’s what you can do if that happens, and also manually protect yourselves from them and have some fun yourselves blocking them without using any other software :)

1.Get a list of Services that’re running on your PC…

The list of the processes that you see in the Task Manager isn’t the complete list of the processes/services running on your Pc…
To get the list of all the services that are currently running on your PC, follow these 2 steps:

  1. Go to “Run“(Windows Logo Key + R) and type “services.msc” and hit Enter.
  2. There you are! A complete list of services running on your PC would be there for you…And you know, this list can be used to terminate trojans that are residing on your PC!

2.How to Detect Trojans using it?

It’s really easy, just browse through the list and look for *weird* and *unusual* service names…most of the names that you find will be the ones that you might have came across before, like the words that begin with “Windows”. There will be a bunch of such names, and you can easily make out which one does what by looking at its description, and then note down the suspicious names.

3.Clear your Suspicion

Time for some research…time to see if your suspicions are really harmful or not :)

Try your suspicious names in the TrendMicro ThreatEncyclopedia and see if you get it there…If you don’t,then Google the suspicious  names, you’ll surely find them :D

If you find some positives, then carry on to the next step

4.Got the Culprits? Shut them off!

  • Right-click on the Trojan service and go to “Properties”
  • Click the “Stop” button.
  • In the “Start-up type” choose “Disabled”.
  • You’re done with it…

You have blocked a trojan manually, now the next time you turn on your PC, go  to services and check if it worked :D

Search torrents with Google

Torrent Search Sites? Forget them ‘coz Google is still alive!


Now some might be thinking what the heck has Google got to do with torrents? Let me tell you, Google isn’t a simple search engine…it has got a lot of “hidden” functionality (you should be knowing of it?). It allows you to add strings to your search? terms and customize your search :)

Google also has many attributes which can be applied to your search to get what you want. In this post, to get torrents we will be using the “filetype” attribute. The “filetype” attribute tells Google what sort of file you want, .mp3, .pdf or something else.

Here’s how to get it to use for torrents:

filetype:torrent +”your search terms here

Clear Installation Logs of Nokia S60 Phones

Ever heard of it before? S60 phones’ installer logs the installations i.e., when an app was installed or uninstalled, into a log file…


You can view the log by going to “Application Manager->Options->View Log”…surprized huh? When I saw this log for the first time, I thought to clear the mess over there. But, there wasn’t any “Clear Log” option in the menu :|

I thought to have some fun, clearing it manually using FExplorer (My favorite file manager). I used to browse system files and look at the structure of the stored system files whenever I was free with my mobile, with nothing to do…and from this, I had a good idea where I would find the log file (I also knew that logs are stored with a “.log” extension) of the installation.

I headed up to “C:\System” and looked for any folder that would hold that .log, then I browsed to “C:\System\Install\” and found “install.log”. I deleted it and refreshed the Application Manager & viewed the log file, which said “(no data)” :D

That’s how I hacked the installation log on my Nokia N70 :) (not sure of it is the same for other S60 mobiles)