Clean-up Your Temp Folder

The “Temp” folder contains the temporary files in Windows. The files which are to be used by the system temporarily are stored in the Temp folder, like the files used by the running programs or the files waiting to be burned to a DVD.
The files in this folder are flushed after the computer is shut-down, but sometimes this doesn’t happens and the folder gets junky with some unuseful files which can result in the decrease in the performance of the system.
To avoid this, we can manually delete the temporary files manually, or by creating a BAT file that automatically cleans-up the Temp Folder (the hacker’s way).

Deleting manually:

  1. Type “%temp%” in Run (Windows Logo Key + R). This should pop-up the Temp folder.
  2. Select all the files (Ctrl + A) and delete them.

Deleting by using a BAT file:

  1. Copy the following to your favorite text editor and save it as “ClearTemp.bat” and select “All Files” in the “File Type“.
    del %temp% /F
  2. Confirm the action to delete the Temp files. Then it would give you a list of files which weren’t deleted because they were in use.

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