Disable & Remove WGA

Suffering from WGA Tool? The solution is below!

WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage tool is a tool provided my Microsoft to check whether you have an original Windows running on your PC or a pirated/counterfeited Windows…it is mandatory to install this tool when downloading something from the Microsoft Download Center.

It becomes real trouble if somehow you get this tool installed on your PC and then you come to know that your Windows is pirated (or you should have already been knowing it :P ) & there’s no way to get this tool out of the screen!

Here’s a simple tool which I used to remove the WGA Tool & it worked good for me :)

Note: Vista users, while running it please right-click at the application and choose “Run as Administrator..”



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  2. It says that WGA is not installed on my system, yet, down in the corner, it says my build is not genuine. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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