Exit A Progam Directly

What do you do when a program gets stuck? Most of you would try to close it by clicking the close button, by using Alt + F4 or by using the Taskmanager…all of these ways will give you errors and take-up a lot of time to close that program.

There’s another way to close a program without wasting any time and without getting any errors!

  1. Go to “Task Manager” (Windows Logo Key + R, then type “taskmgr” and hit Enter).
  2. Instead of closing the program by usng the “Applications” tab, go to “Processes” tab and look for the process which you want to close, check the description of the process to see if you are selecting the right process and then, press “Del” + “Enter“.
  3. For example, if my explorer windows are stuck while copy+pasting something, I would first end the process “explorer.exe” and then start it agian…

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