‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit (Continued)

As I said in my recent post, I am here with the ways to secure “File and Printer Sharing”.
Here they go:

  • Don’t enable File and Printer Sharing if you don’t have the need for it, I mean if you don’t have a LAN or if you don’t have to share any Files or Printer with a network computer.
  • When having the File and Printer Sharing enabled, Password-protect the shared drives. This can be done by clicking the “Make this Folder Private” option under the ‘Sharing’ tab under the ‘Properties’ of the shared drive.
  • Don’t share the root of a drive. If you have to share specific files and/or folders then drag them diretly to the “Shared Documents” Folder.
  • To disable the File and Printer Sharing, go to “Network Connections” and check the properties of your network (usually named ‘Local Area Connection’) and uncheck the “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks”.

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