‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit

The easiest way of getting into other computer and getting access to its files is via “‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit”…
I’ll explain all the things in detail (as it is a step-by-step tutorial)
Files and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Clients is a feature of Windows which lets its users to Share Files and Printer over the Network. But hackers think differently, for them it’s the easiest way to get into a computer.
These are the steps that a hacker would take:

  1. Get your IP.
  2. Check for “File and Printer Sharing” vulnerability. By Going to Run/cmd.exe and typing: nbtstat [Ip address here] -N (it should be capital)…
  3. He would get something like: (note that this command is “nbtstat -n” not “nbtstat [ip address] -N”, both command s are different. nbtstat -n tells about the Local Address)
  4. The 2 digits in the <> brackets are Hex Codes of different services used…The Code to search for is <20> which means that “File and Printer Sharing” is enabled.
  5. Once he knows that it is, then he can Get into the files and folders you have shared!
  6. I’ll tell you to do that too.

  7. Now what he would do is:Net view \\
  8. He would get a response such as:Shared resources at \\ip_address
    Sharename??????????????????? Type?????????? Comment
    MY DOCUMENTS??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Disk
    TEMP??????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Disk
    The command was completed successfully.
  9. Now when he has got the list of shared resources, he could easily access them by using the “net use” command. Here’s what a ‘net use’ command would look like:
    Net use x: \\\MY DOCUMENTS
  10. That’s it…The Hacker has got access to the “My Documents” Folder…

Now, when I have explained about the lack of security due to the “File and Printer Sharing”, I would also explain how to securify it in my next post…
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7 Replies to “‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit”

  1. hey, I tried to do exactly like you wrote, could you grab a little video or write some more about it? it would be really helpful

  2. when i type this: nbtstat [Ip address here] -N (with an actual ip) it doesn’t give me any result. I know that computer is on because i get respond when i ping

  3. I dont mean to offend but this is hilarious to read. If you’re on a domain environment this won’t work because you need a valid username and password, if you’re on a workstation network at starbucks etc, ever since Vista and Windows 7, it doesn’t even open your file shares to ‘Public’ profile networks anyway. EVEN that aside, if they were silly enough to select ‘Home network’ at starbucks… if their client profile has a password to log on… you still won’t get access without that password.

    You can’t just connect to someone’s open file share that they were silly enough to open and call that hacking.

    NB: Instead of all that your could just say
    Step 1, get their ip.
    Step 2, click start, run and type \\ You’ll see all the shares open/available that way too.

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