Invisible Drives

So today you’ll be learning to Hide your Drives & make them truly invisible to others:
As you know, everything that I write is in an ordered form…:

  1. Go to ‘Run’ (Ctrl+R) and type ‘diskpart’, its one of the hidden tools of Windoze.
  2. There you type ‘list volume’. You get a bunch of Drives and their asigned letters along with some other info.
  3. For the drive you want to hide, note down the LTR (literally ‘letter’) and the ‘Volume ###’.
  4. Now type ‘select [volume ### here]’ then you get a message saying that “[volume ### here] is the selected volume”.
  5. Type ‘remove letter [ltr here]’ and if you get a message after that saying “DiskPart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point” then you’re done!
  6. Now the drive is invisible and you cannot access it…
  7. To get the drive back. Go to “DiskPart” again and choose the drive volume and select it and type ‘assign letter [whatever letter it was or you want it to be here]’ and yup, you get your drive back….

HidE YouR PrivatE FileS WithiN ThE DrivE IN A HacKeR’s STyLE-HacK_MiNDeD

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