Make a USB PSP Charger

This is a easy step-by-step tutorial (for n00bs) for making a PSP USB Charger using the easily available materials…

Note: Follow the procedure properly or you may end up with a Malfunctioned PSP (And I won’t be responsible for it :P )

Materials Required

  • Any USB Cable
  • PSP Car Charger ( we need its charging end)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Insulation Tape/Electrical Tape
  • Solder Gun & Solder Wire (optional)


  1. From the PSP Car Charger, cut out the charging pin or take any pin that fits in the PSP’s charging port.
  2. Take any USB Cable and leave the end that you plug-in to your PC, and cut off the other end.
  3. Strip off the outer covering of both the wires. In the piece of wire that you had taken from the PSP Car Charger (or just the wire with the charging pin), you’ll find a central wire/inner wire (power) and a wire surrounding the central wire/outer wire (earth). Twist the inner wire and the outer wire and make sure that they don’t touch each other.
  4. In the stripped USB Cable, you’ll find 4 wires. The red one is +5volts and the black one is ground. We do not need the green and white wires as they are for data. others are ground and data wires. Strip off the red and black wires. Leave the data wires disconnected.
  5. Join the red wire with the inner/central wire and twist it, and join the black wire with the outer wire of the charger and twist that.
  6. Solder the previously joined wires (optional) and cover them with the insulating/electrical tape.
  7. Congrats! Your USB PSP Charger is ready…plug it to your nearest available USB port to test it out :D

Update: Instead of connecting the data wires (green/blue/white) with the ground wire (black/brown) in the USB Cable and then connecting them to the ground wire of the PSP Charger’s cable, cut the data wires in the USB Cable, leave them intact and just connect the ground wire of the USB Cable with the ground wire of the PSP Charger.

Update: Data cable error pointed out by bobdamnit.

Now you can charge your PSP wherever there’s a USB Port!


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  1. Hi,
    Nice procedure but in my usb wire there are 4 wire`s:

    and in the charger wire: red/white

    so what wire to connect what?

    from the above procedure should I connect red to red.
    and green/black/white to white?


    1. @Pranav Trivedi
      First plug-in the cut USB cable into a USB port and check the red, white & black wires with a tester..(my guess is that – red will be power & black will be ground)
      whichever is having power, connect that to red of the charger and then, the black, most probably, would be the ground…connect the black with the white of the charger.
      cut the green & white wires (data wires) and leave them.

  2. Hey thanx for the help.
    Its`s working now,

    I just connected red (USB) to red (Charger)
    and Black (USB) to White (Charger)
    and left the green/white of the charger.

    Now the orange light on my psp is on but its not starting, may be because the battery is totally dried. Have`nt used my psp since 5 months.

    Does the charging works when the psp is on? or you have to keep the psp off when you need to charge it?

    1. @Pranav Trivedi
      Nice to know that it’s working…

      Does the charging works when the psp is on? or you have to keep the psp off when you need to charge it?

      Yes, it will charge when the PSP is on, but as the USB port supplies just 500mA compared to the 2A (2000mA) of the charger, it’s recommended that you charge it when the PSP is off, or else the 500mA would not be enough to run the PSP + charge the battery, at the same time :)

  3. It`s 15 mins and charging and still it`s not turning on?
    If I try to turn it on while charging the orange light turns off for a second and then turns on again but the psp does not start.

    And if I try to start it without the charging plug in, still it`s not starting.

    What`s wrong? Though I have`nt used my psp since last 5 months before that it was working perfectly.

    Is this usb charging thing working or not? The orange light is on that means the psp is getting the power but why is`nt the psp turning on?
    Should I wait to charge the battery full?

    1. @Pranav Trivedi
      5 months of inactivity is a long period for an electronic device :|
      The PSP is not charging because:

      Maybe you left the discharged battery in the PSP for 5 months, as for every electronic device it is said that “remove the battery” if you’re not going to use it for a long time.
      Your battery has some faults or it is completely discharged.
      Your USB port is supplying less power than the standard 5v 500mA. (check it if u have doubt on it)

      The orange light means that the charger is working alright…so first, completely charge the PSP (takes some 1-2 hours on a charger or 2-4 hours on a USB port charger), then remove the MemoryStick & UMD (as UMD takes up power in the beginning itself when the PSP starts) and then start the PSP..

      Still if the PSP doesn’t starts, remove the battery and insert it back after 2mins. and try again :)

      Is this usb charging thing working or not? The orange light is on that means the psp is getting the power but why is`nt the psp turning on?

      I’m using my USB PSP Charger to charge my PSP…it works fine for me

      BesT OF LucK…! :D

  4. Hey,

    I kept my psp on usb charge since last 2-3 hrs but still its not starting.

    But now I somehow found a charger from my friend just to test it and my psp is working and its charging too. just in 10-15 mins it got 27% charge.

    also now when I again put the usb charger in it and check the battery info under system tab its saying power source : external.
    and the battery status is not showing anything.

    What`s the problem? now when I got my friends charger, one thing got confirmed that the psp is working there`s no problem with it. may be there`s some thing wrong with the usb charger. But with it the orange light is turning on.

    I am confused. Any help?

    1. @Pranav Trivedi
      hey, i’m having a doubt on your wiring….most probably the ground wire…the red to red is okay, but i’m in doubt whether the white to black was the correct ground thing. in most USB cables the black or brown is the ground, however try out white to white as ground..if it works then its ok. Or else it will surely be a problem with your USB port :|

      If the PSP doesn’t show orange light after white to white ground combination, then replace it again with the old black to white wire and check your USB port :)
      hope that helps…

      And yes, I’m having a slim PSP (PSP – 2004), I haven’t tried it with Fat PSPs. ( I dont know whether fat requires more power)…which one r u having?

    1. @Pranav Trivedi
      There are other guys with fat PSPs for whom this PSP USB Charger isn’t working…

      I’ve got another way for’s charging the PSP via the USB Cable u use to connect it to the PC..but the only thing is that it requires to mod the Motherboard…
      u will have to disassemble your PSP to apply this mod… (this will 100% void your PSP’s warranty, if the warranty period is left :P)

      Here’s the link:

  5. hey man,

    FINALLY! It got started, it turns out the main culprit was the bloody local usb cable, I tried the method given in the above link and this time I used a good quality usb cable and there it is, its now charging and also while charging its turning on too and in the battery option under system menu its showing charging.

    Thanks a lot for the support.

  6. Ya I knew the motherboard method too but I am not that technical so I avoided that method.
    But now I am happy with the usb charging.

    I saved $40 on buying the new charger. Here in India they were asking me $40 for a new one.

    1. @Pranav
      I’m an Indian too….currently living in Qatar (NRI) :)
      40$ in India means it has got to be real original charger :D
      In india, i bought a replacement battery for my PSP as i had converted my original battery to Pandora via Internal modding…and the new battery cost me Rs.1000 and that was original (japan), the only fact that it was cheap was that there was no other battery in that stire so he gave me a battery from a PSP that he had..

  7. dude why does the usb charging taking so much time to charge?
    in like 45-50 mins it only increases 2%.
    Also i m not using the psp while charging its turned off, so it should charge faster but its taking too long.

    Any help?

    1. @Pranav
      USB Charging takes time as the power supplied by it is just 1/4 of the power supplied by the AC Charger….(USB=0.5A Charger=2.0A)
      That’s the reason why it’s taking long to charge…but let me tell u that this slow charging is good for your battery, it increases battery life :)

      hey and you’ll get more hours of your battery if u charge it via USB…my PSP Slim, when charged 100% with AC Charger gives 4-6 hours whereas if you charge it via USB it gives me 6-8 hours…isn’t that good? :D

      1. … srsly? . . . u ve never taken any courses on electrical components say in engineering or anything have you?. u should sudgest ur idea to car makers :) usb charge all the way.

        1. @^
          lolz..i m not upto the level of engineering yet! just persuing high school right now :-P

          ah..and makers haw given the multi-purpose 12-volt thing which u can also use to charge via usb, after getting something to make that 12 volt to 5 volt and regulate the power [ie. a nokia car charger will be ok, just cut off its pin and replace with your psp’s pin..just make sure that u r connecting the correct wires :)]
          thanx for your comment :)

  8. hey i accidentally twisted the wrong wires and plugged it in my computer, and now
    my battery is not charger even when i plug my charger into the psp the light is orange, is there a way to Fix this please reply :'(

  9. yeah this fried my battery, it worked for all of 2 minutes, got very very hot, then there was a puff of smoke and the thing no longer charges with the stock charger. as far as I know it’s just the battery and hopefully did not fry the whole psp, word of advice to anyone looking at this, i suggest you read the directions carefully and have some basic knowledge of wiring components, also I would rig up a surge protector if you can. I did everything correctly and got it charging, but it still failed and proceeded to fry the thing. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, do not do it.

      1. Yeah most likely. I checked all the fuses with a multi meter and it turns out the AC fuse was blown. I’m thinking about bridging it as I have no idea what type of fuse it is. If you know anything about that feel free to reply. Also don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice tutorial, in my case it just didn’t work out, most likely to human error on my part.

        1. Oh fine. Check the metal edges for letters/ratings to be inscribed on it. Most of the fuses have it at the edge of the metal covers on either side. Thanks for commenting back.

          1. Thanks for the info, one last question though, say I had an external battery charger and charged the battery from that, would the charged battery still need the fuse to be replaced?

  10. im using the fat psp and i built the whole thing fine. it doesnt charge the thing, but it doesnt die on it. the light stays green also. help?

  11. my batter cant save power.why is that so.i want more info..which wire to join with what??what colour with what colour….take your time and explain to me in detail.i have bought many charges…cant afford to buy any

  12. I need help see I tried your tutorial but I still can’t get a light, I checked all the comments I tried all the solutions but still nothing. Can’t I just seperate the two data wires and get rid of them? Because I think that’s the problem.

  13. Hi,so i just found my psp3006 after a year i think and when i charge it using my wall charger,it wont charge.. The orange light will light up and then went off… I have to constantly plug in to have the orange light light up.. Whats the problem?:(

  14. I bought a usb charger from and the charge light turns on but is saying source: external power and I dont think its actually charging and I lost my mains charger a long time ago. Any ideas? I also have 2 batteries

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