Password Viewers

Saving Passwords on IE, Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, etc helps you to easily access your account next time, without inserting your password, but this idea is no-good. Why? Read further to know the reason.

If someone has physical access to your computer, he can easily see your passwords using the softwares mentioned below, and there are other ways of password-theft online.

What these softwares basically does is it finds the file in which the passwords are saved, decrypts them and makes them visible to the user. You can carry these softwares in your Flash Drive and use them on your victims.

Some good password viewers:

  1. MSPass: Displays saved passwords of Messengers. Works for Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live/MSN, Skype and many others.
  2. IE PassViewer: Displays saved passwords of Internet Explorer.
  3. Password Fox: Displays saved passwords of Mozilla Firefox.

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  1. Yes you are right bro.The best method to hack those passwords is using rootkit method via pendrive.All you need to do is put all the above installation files in a pendrive and make an autorun file for that.just stop the antivirus once and ur friend accounts will be hacked.i have written an article on this.

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