ProRat is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), made by the PRO Group. It is just an awesome program for remotely administering another PC.
SNAP of ProRat:

Its features are:

  • Remote Control
  • System Info, App. Status, Task Manager
  • Add Processes, Files, Download Files
  • Some Funny Stiff for Fun
  • Admin FTP
  • Give Damage: Format Drives
  • Remote Downloader
  • Run MS-DOS Command, Batch Script, VBScript
  • Add a Registry Entry
  • Keylogger: Password Recording
  • Screnshots, Direct Windows Viewing
  • Send Message, Chat
  • Shutdown, Restart, Control Panel, IExplorer, Registry, Printer and Online Controls
  • Much More…Get ProRat to check it out…!

Download it from the Official Site…

Official Site:

14 Replies to “ProRat”

  1. hi dude! me again _ian_ , this pro rat software is for free or not?coz i already download this file but it requires pass…=(..btw i learned alot from you dude tnx alot!!!!!

    1. @ _ian_
      Its not free…the full version costs…u have to get cracked version from torrent sites…
      And sorry–I have forgetten the password for that archive…
      I have updated the post and have removed the link to download the archive…
      Thanks for informing me about the password…

      1. The password is “Pro”, for the zip archive. I would not try to get a torrented version of a rat virus, You could get it. But I am not that brave :P. $250 is a small price to pay in my opinion, this should be in any penetration testing toolkit!

    1. @ refsan
      All the Trojans contain viruses… :P
      These viruses help the trojan to run..if you delete the viruses with an antivirus, then the trojan would stop working…
      While playing trojans, what i do is= I turn off my Antivirus…(NOD32)

  2. When i put my e-mail there when you want to create a prorat server.>!and you need to type your e-mail..! to get notification..>! but why doesn’t work..?! i type any e-mail..!i think with : , , , etc..! can anyone tell me the problem..? or maybe the prorat not work probebly..!?

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