Recovering from BlueScreen (BSoD) Without Re-installing Windows

The stuff given below won’t work for all (there’s no gurantee :D)!!!

It most have happened atleast once to all of you, that your Windows got corrupted and a BlueScreen appeared whenever you tried to boot Windows.
If you have got a Windows Installation CD but you don’t want to re-install it again, then you can give a try to repairing it using the “Windows Recovery Console” present in the Windows Installation CD…
Boot your Windows Installation CD (check the BIOS settings if the CD dosen’t boots). Then:

  1. At the first installation prompt, press “R”, this should load the recovery console.
  2. Then type “chkdsk“(or “chkdsk C:“) in the recovery console…this would check your harddisk for errors and automatically fix it if any.
  3. Then type “fixboot“, this command will try to repair any boot damages done by viruses.
  4. Re-boot your PC and let the Windows load. If you’re lucky, Windows would load up or else you’ll again get a BSoD!!!
  5. Then there is still a way to recover your documents from the Windows Directory…Use a Linux LiveCD or something like that to backup your data that was present in the Windows Installation Directory (C:) & then re-install Windows :P
  6. If that fails too, or if you don’t know how to work on linux, then you can try the “Windows Automated System Recovery Console“.
  7. While at the first installation prompt, press enter and follow the processes till you reach the screen that shows you the installed Windows, then press R to try to repair it…things will go on automatic…

Note: Please report if any of the above steps are wrong ‘coz I had forgetten the procedures while writing this post :|

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  1. Windows blue screen of death is a real frustrating experience. My old computer caused a lot of headache with this issue and I get tired of recovering the system from this stage. Yes, these steps you mentioned here are very useful and can save you from losing it.

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