Seen the Facebook’s TOUCH version?

FB Touch Version on PC
FB Touch Version on PC

Facebook is now Touch-friendly!

Yesterday while browsing Facebook via mobile, I just went at the bottom of the page to sign-out so as to login with anothr account. But, there was something unusual over there – a link “Touch Site“. I wanted to check out what’s different in the touch version of Facebook, so I browsed to it on the Nokia N70, though it wasn’t a touch phone (lol)…

What I noticed was that it was really cool not only for touchscreen phones, but also for normal ones! It has a pleasing look compared the to simple, boring look of Facebook’s mobile site :)

It is designed for touch screen phones, for which the link area has to be larger to pin-point it and browse the site confortably…oh wow,just seen that the touch site is opening on the PC (Click here to visit!)

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