Use a Pandora Battery as a Normal Battery

If for a while, you converted your original battery to pandora battery and want to use it as normal battery without disabling its Pandora features, then this short post is for you!

It’s really easy, just follow these 5 steps…

  1. Download PSP Grader.
  2. Extract the downloaded file & Run it.
  3. Connect your MemoryStick to the PC via a Card Reader or via the PSP by using a Mini USB Cable. PSP Grader will automatically detect it or browse for it if it doesn’t.
  4. Click on the “Inject IPL Only” (the second button at the bottom).

    Select "Inject IPL Only"
    Select "Inject IPL Only"
  5. That’s it! You’ve done it!

Now whenever you insert the Pandora with the MemoryStick that you modded right now, it will start the PSP instead of putting it in service mode. Now you can keep this battery as spare whenever you’re out for travel, for when you eat up your battery, this spare battery will be handy :D

And remember your battery is still a Pandora, it will boot the PSP into service mode if you insert any unmodded MemoryStick (or no MemoryStick :P )

4 Replies to “Use a Pandora Battery as a Normal Battery”

  1. Thanks!! I got my psp hacked by somebody I know, and some features weren’t avaliable, and I couldn’t update to get the stuff other people had.
    Now I should be able to, I hope.
    Anyway, thank you.

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