Why “Twitter is Over Capacity”?

Twitter Over Capacity page
Twitter's Over Capacity page

Why is it so? At least one in five attempts to open a page on Twitter gives me the Over Capacity page shown above. It’s true that Twitter has become very popular in a short span of time with the introduction of micro-blogging. Their APIs are rocking the Web 2.0, you can see them everywhere – on corporate business sites, personal blogs, developer sites, etc., etc.

Seems like Twitter wasn’t prepared for so many users and APIs, that’s the reason why it has started getting off its resources. And do you know, they have limited the APIs’ requests to 20 per hour (temporarily) to reduce these over capacities. Surely they need to change their functioning structure in order to cope with all this :)

Hope to see less “Over Capacity” pages in the near future… :D

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