Calculate RAID Array Capacity, Speed and Tolerance Online

Let’s start it off with RAID. I have never written about RAID before on Hacker’s Lane. So in this post, I will be explaining about RAID, and it’s types. Plus, I will be pointing you to a site where you can calculate various aspects of a RAID. :)

What is RAID?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Put in simple words, it is “A bunch of harddisks connected together“. The drives present in the RAID array are called “RAID Members“.


Get Advanced System Info with CPU-Z

There are many softwares out there that claim to gather info about your system. CPU-Z is one of these, and is so far the best of all that I have used. The thing I like about it is that it isn’t motherboard board specific unlike others. You can install it on any Windows-based PC and get a deep insight of your system within moments! (more…)

Recover Deleted Data with ReclaiMe

Ever accidently deleted something that you wanted back? And failed, when tried to do so? Now, this won’t happen AGAIN!


ReclaiMe data recovery software is a new software out in the market that recovers lost data using the very latest and modern techniques and algorithms. It is Windows-based and works to undelete, unformat & recover data that is lost in any way. It works with most of the media, and supports a large number of filesystems like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, etc. It can also recover RAW filesystem drives. And, it is also capable of recovering data from a MAC storage device which use the HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) or UFS filesystems (such as Apple iPod, iPhone, etc.) :) (more…)