Calculate RAID Array Capacity, Speed and Tolerance Online

Let’s start it off with RAID. I have never written about RAID before on Hacker’s Lane. So in this post, I will be explaining about RAID, and it’s types. Plus, I will be pointing you to a site where you can calculate various aspects of a RAID. :)

What is RAID?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Put in simple words, it is “A bunch of harddisks connected together“. The drives present in the RAID array are called “RAID Members“.

What are the Advantages of a RAID Array?

The advantage of RAID is that even the drives which are small, slow and have less tolerance, can perform faster and have a comparitively higher level of tolerance. The speed and tolerance depend upon the type of the RAID array. These types are also known as levels. RAID arrays are available at different costs, depending upon the speed and tolerance they offer.

Are there various types of RAID arrays?

There are various types of RAID arrays, made for different purposes, with different speeds and tolerance. The various RAID types can be found here.

Where is the RAID Calculator you mentioned above?

So, it seems that the basic intro of RAID is done. Finally comes the calculation. If you want to know how much speed and tolerance and array capacity a RAID would offer, please use the online free RAID Calculator.

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