Do you know how you can Recover RAID?

In one of my recent posts I explained what is RAID Array, what are its pros and cons and how you can calculate the RAID array capacity, speed and tolerance online – over here. In this post I’m going to talk about a software that I recently came across, that can help you to recover your RAID Array if it stops working for any reason.

It’s called the ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery software (yes, it’s FREE). This software recovers your RAID parameters, including:

  • Start offset and block size
  • Number of member disks
  • Member disks and data order
  • Parity position and rotation

These parameters once recovered, can be used to create the array image file or to write array to disk and also to save the array layout to XML file. Doesn’t it sound good?

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery can recover data from harddrives, disk image files and hardware and software RAIDs.

And yes, then you can also use their Data Recovery software which I mentioned earlier on HL – over here to recover the data that was present on the array.

Here is a screenshot of the RAID Recovery software.

ReclaiMe RAID Recovery Software
ReclaiMe RAID Recovery Software

If you try this software, do drop comments below. :)

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