Fiverr: Do small jobs and get jobs done for $5!

It has become so easy to earn money online these days! Online opportunities provide a flexible way to earn according to your own conveniences, hence there are a lot of people running behind it. Teens are not behind in this matter, I can even say that teens comprise of more than the adults when it comes to small online jobs.

There are many small business sites up there and one of them is Fiverr. The thing that sets it aside from others is all the jobs/services (known as “Gigs”) are priced at $5! You can either play the role of a Buyer or Seller. In simple words, Buyer is the one who demands service, and Seller is the one who provides it. The Buyer pays $5 for each service, out of which $4 goes to that Seller of the service, and $1 to Fiverr. The payments from the Buyer are done instantly and the Seller recieves it after the job is done. This is how simple it gets.

You can get the craziest of the works done over there as a Buyer – like getting poems written, pranks calls and a lot of useful ones too! There are a lot of freelancers over there who’re ready to help you out with your needs, be it graphics designing or any other such work.


If you plan on earning some bucks, all you have to do is type what you’d like to do for five dollars and post it on the homepage. In most of the cases, it will be instantly approved and sometimes, you may have to wait for review. Check out this site right now – Fiverr! :)

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