Get Advanced System Info with CPU-Z

There are many softwares out there that claim to gather info about your system. CPU-Z is one of these, and is so far the best of all that I have used. The thing I like about it is that it isn’t motherboard board specific unlike others. You can install it on any Windows-based PC and get a deep insight of your system within moments!

Here is how it looks.
Screenshot of CPU-Z

CPU-Z is based on the CPUID Software Development Kit. CPU-Z’s core detection engine is now available for developing identical applications. In a brief, CPU-Z gives information about the following:

    1. CPU
    2. Caches
    3. Mainboard/Motherboard
    4. Memory/RAM
    5. SPD
    6. Graphics

      You can find the options to save the gathered information to an external text or html file under “Tools” in the “About” tab of the application for later reference. :)

      Do give it a try.

      Download from these sources:

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