How to Transfer Files between two PCs using LAN/Ethernet Cable?

Sharing large amounts of data with your friends can really be a hassle if you don’t know of efficient and easy ways to do it. One way is you can use an external storage medium such as an external HDD, USB, etc. This way is convenient for most of us, best for the average users, regardless of the fact that it drains 50% of our precious time in the process. Think about it. first you’ve to copy files to the external media and then copy it again from there to another computer. Isn’t that a waste of time clearly? Here’s when you’ve to look for alternatives if you treasure your time. The best way would be the one which would consume the least time, and must be easy to get along with. This is only possible when you directly transfer file to the another Computer, eliminating the need of a third media.

Windows comes along with built-in File Sharing feature that can be used to share data throughout your network. Don’t worry if you don’t have a network, you can use this feature even by easily linking two computers via a LAN cable, or in other words, by networking two Computers.

This tutorial is really easy to follow and will help you in getting started with LAN file transfers in no time.

Things You Will Require

  • Ethernet/LAN cable (technical name: RJ45/8P8C)

    LAN Cable RJ45/8P8C
    LAN Cable RJ45/8P8C

  • Two Computers with Ethernet/LAN ports.

    LAN Port
    LAN Port

How to get things done?

  • Start up both the computers. You know you have to do this.
  • Network two of them with the LAN Cable. I mean to say, insert the jack of one end into one of the Computers, and obviously, the other goes into the second Computer.

    Sharing Options
    Sharing Options
  • You will see that both the Computers will recognize an unknown LAN network. Go to “Network & Sharing Center” and Enable File Sharing.
  • Go to “Network” (or “View Network Connections” on older versions of Windows).

  • You’d find the networked PC listed over there. Open it, and enter the Username and Password of the other Computer you’re trying to connect to.

For you to be able to connect to another PC, it is necessary that the User Account on the other PC has a password set.

Now you can view the Shared Folders of that Computer to which you’re connected.

How to share Folders over the network?

  • Right-click on the Folder and open “Properties”, browse over to the “Sharing” tab and click on the “Advanced Sharing” button.

    Folder Properties
    Folder Properties
  • In the “Advanced Sharing” dialogue box, Check the “Share this folder” option. Click “Apply” and then “Ok”. This may take some time  if you have a large number of files in that folder, just be patient.

    Advanced Sharing
    Advanced Sharing

You now know how to share a Folder as well as how to connect two computers to a Network and enable sharing. This is how you can easily drag and drop files between two computers and save yourself from bugging data transfers. Hope you liked this tutorial, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop comments below. Smile

Remark: It’s a good measure to disable sharing of folders once you’re done with your work. I once forgot to do this after returning from a friend’s house and realized that my neighbors at my local network had access to my files, which they shouldn’t.

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      1. if i want to network two computer together dat each system is using windowXP how to do it????? I’ll be glad if u reply to my E-mail thanks

    1. Lol when u will connect Both PC with LAN cable u will lost internet access ; total work will gonna be offline bro

  1. No you don’t need an account instead of administrator…i connect both my laptops and 3 PCs which have only one default account called administrator

  2. Even though hard drive is shared and are listed on the network they are not accessible…what I have to do in this case.

  3. In which network should I have to configure…? Is it Home Network, Work or Public ….do they affect in to be in the same network?

  4. nice tutorial..
    what if you want to transfer files and folders which are in the same local network but are apart to each other

  5. Thanks for this, saved me a TON of time. I was trying to transfer about 60 GB of data over wifi and it was taking forever, only going about 3mb per second. I hooked up the ethernet cables and tranferred at 60mb per second.

  6. plz help me to get good speed in transfer I’ve get only 11mbps of speed in coping any file from other pc how to get good speed in data transfer

  7. i would like to share a file to 10 system without using administrator password is it possible (ALL THE 10 SYSTEMS ARE CONNECTED THROUGH LAN )

  8. There are 2 types of vables available in market…..
    You should use crossover cable….
    Some devices do not convert automatically..
    This is the point where i failed..

  9. how to transfer the files automatically with daily time schedule between 2 computers which are already connected in LAN.

  10. Is the cable one way? in other words, while getting folders from Computer A, can I also be getting from computer B,. the password is not really working, I don’t know why

  11. i had lost my all data from hard disk when connected by lan cable with my friend laptop
    is there any chances to recover my hard disk data.

  12. I tried this by instinct before finding your post. My systems did not auto detect the lan connection. Both Windows 10. Any thoughts appreciated.

  13. It always asks for passwords even though the password sharing option in both laptops are turned off. Only one of the two laptops is asking for password.

  14. Both of my computers aren’t password protected but still while connecting its asking for a username and password…. What to do.. Plzzz reply

  15. Hey Bro ! I did transfer few times ; when i had my own PCs but when i started to connect with my friends PCs the username and pasword not working; How to fix that ????
    kindly inform me in My Email ID
    waiting for your response :D

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