RockMelt Review : Web Browser Reimagined

RockMelt Preview

Backed by Netscape co-founder – Marc Andreessen, and co-created by his old pals, comes up a new browser into the internet world – RockMelt. Basically, this is a social web browser that integrates with Facebook to give you a great new social experience.

RockMelt is based on Google’s Chromium and is identical to Chrome. After two years of development, finally this thing is out for beta testing. As of right now, only invited people can try it. (Connect with FB to get invited, here.) It is specifically designed for the modern Web2.0 social media addicts. It brings all the services of FB (except inbox) at your nearest clicks. Twitter users can post updates right off. Sharing things on FB was never so easier as this new has made it. With a few clicks, you can directly share the page you’re viewing with your friends.

My first ride with RockMelt went quite well, the thing that amazed me was its speed. Especially, the preloaded search results. For testing, I went up to try searching for Lamborghini and I was presented with the results in nanoseconds! :D

On the left, you have all your friends. On the right, you see your FB Notifications, Twitter Updates, and all other site feeds that you’ve added there for easier access. For FB Users, you can now directly write onto your friends’ walls, chat with them in separate chat windows, share things with them and message them without even going to Facebook. This speeds up the Social interaction process, and saves  you couple of minutes.

While RockMelt is good for Social Media addicts, it has nothing new to offer for normal users. Without integrating your FB, it is just another twin of Chrome. Another odd of RockMelt is that the interface is very distracting(of course). You have all your friends by the side of your browser and sure you’d like to talk to them rather than concentrate on your work.

RockMelt has done well its part of being a browser of needs of modern youth, social interaction based. But still it’s not something that can be called a great advancement in browser market. For now, I’d still like to stick to my lovely Mozilla Firefox. :)

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