Run Trial Softwares, Even When Trial Period is Over

Recycle :P
Recycle :P

I had to make use of a software which was running under trial period, and I had almost forgotten it that I had that software on the PC…it was damn urgent and I didn’t have a penny in my PayPal account to buy it.

This is when I remembered of a software called *Time Stopper*, which claims to run trials forever. But I thought to try doing things myself, what the software is supposed to do :)

So here it goes, Time Stopper makes the trial software believe that it’s in another time and the trial period is still left. So basically what I had to do is, change the system’s date to previous so that the software will run thinking that it’s being run in trial period, instead of prompting me to buy it. Then, I changed my system’s date to two months back and I tried to run the software and it notifies me that the system’s date is wrong because before two months, the software wasn’t there at all on the system (lol). :P

After that, I forwarded the date to a month and this time, it went all perfectly! :D

But then, the only thing is that I have to Google to know the correct date and day, as the system has got it all wrong :P

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  1. thanks for the advise;but i already changed many of my browsers 1-internet explorer 8
    2-google chrome
    3-opera 10
    then now i am using:-
    but not only isohunt or howzat many other like,sometimes facebook also or sometimes when i am not using internet also.pls help me u r only my hope and one more thing that my windows is xp.I kow u can only help me out.



  2. ok think I have a major problem. I set the time on timestopper to a year later than it was supposed to be set by mistake. And now the trial version of my software wont work. Any idea about what I should do? should I change the system date or something?

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