Seen FB’s new “simplified” layout?

Facebook's new layout
Facebook's new layout

Facebook ( the world’s most used social networking site)? has recently “simplified” its look, and yes its really simple from what it was before – complicated. I had invited a few Orkut users to Facebook, they joined it and then were not active at all on FB. I asked them for the reason for being inactive and they said that FB is complicated and difficult to understand, and Orkut is much simpler and easy to use? :)

Well, now I will be glad to get them back after the re-arrangement of layout of FB.

FB has taken good care of the things that we mostly look for, the notifications, friend requests & messages are given most priority. We can see all of these three just next to the logo in the new layout. And the rest stuff – Photos, Events, Applications, etc. are shifted to the left side and the bar that used to be there at the bottom is gone, except for the “Chat” on the right-bottom side of the screen. Coming to chat, you can see your online friends on the left side of the screen too while you’re at “Home”.

The Home and Profile links have shifted to the top-right corner of the screen, and the Settings and Logout option are all added to “Account” scroll-down link :)

To sum it all, the new layout looks a lot cleaner than the previous one.

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