[Giveaway] Who wants Avast! Internet Security 5, one-year license?

Update: We have our lucky winners, Basim Rauf & NV Suman. Congrats!

This is going to be the first-ever giveaway on HL, expect more to come up soon! We’re giving out 2 one-year licenses for Avast Internet Security worth $33 to the winners in this giveaway. This giveaway is valid till the end of January, 2011. The winners will be declared on 1st of February.

Avast Internet Security
Avast Internet Security

How do I Participate?

All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is:

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  • Like our page on Facebook (compulsory, fetches you another 50 points)
  • Promote this giveaway (with link) via FB, Twitter, and other such media. To promote on FB, you can use the Share button present at the beginning of this post. You can even write a post related to this giveaway on your blog. (Promotion on each media gives you 20 points)

I’ve Done Everything, What’s next?

After you’ve done everything, drop down a comment below stating whatever you’ve done for this giveaway (along with links as evidences). We’d choose two lucky winners who score the maximum points, or of there are ties, then we’d use Random.org to choose a winner among the highest scorers.

Best of Luck!

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