Play Gaming Consoles’ Titles on PC – List of the Best Emulators

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Wouldn’t it be so good if you were able to play the exclusive releases done for consoles, on your own PC, at your comfort? If you’re a hardcore gamer, this post is certainly a big treat for you. You’re going to be updated with the best emulators for each of the gaming consoles available, till date.

Various Gaming Consoles
Various Gaming Consoles

What is an Emulator?

Imagine a situation – You can communicate in only English, and you need to talk to a Chinese who can only converse in Chinese. Now how can you do that? The most probable thing is, you’ll find a third person who knows English as well as Chinese. Then you’d ask this third person to translate your words to Chinese and vice-versa. This is exactly the function of an Emulator. An Emulator translates(emulates) the coding done for a specific machine, to the coding of another, so that you can run it onto the second machine for which it is not coded.

The List of Best Emulators available for Gaming Consoles

Gaming Console Emulator
PlayStation 1 ePSXe
PlayStation 2 PCSX2
PlayStation Portable (PSP) PCSP
Microsoft X-Box Xeon
Nintendo Gameboy Visual Boy Advance
Nintendo Gameboy Advance Visual Boy Advance
Nintendo Gamecube Dolphin
Nintendo 64 Project64
Super Nintendo ZSNES
Nintendo NES FCEUX
Nintendo Wii Dolphin
Nintendo Vrtual Boy Red Dragon
Sega Dreacast Chankast
Sega Saturn Satourne
Sega Genesis Fusion
Sega Master System Fusion
Sega Game Gear Fusion

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