How to Send Protected Files on Nokia Smartphones

“Unable to send protected object”

Unable to send protected object

This is the error that you would have probably come across, while trying to send specific files through the default File Manager that comes with Nokia mobile phones. This is the reason why people prefer to install 3rd party applications like FExplorer, FileMan, etc. But what if you don’t have any of them and want to send a protected file urgently? (more…)

How To Configure Your Webcam For Better Quality

Unhappy with your webcam’s performance? If you are, or if you’re not, either way, this post is aimed at helping you get the maximum out of your webcam – by optimizing it for better images and videos. We’re going to try out all possible settings that are available in a webcam, the basic ones; using AMCAP. (more…)

How to Recycle your Mobiles and get Cash

The practice of recycling mobile phones is gathering much attention these days due to environmental campaigns. Theses campaigns have brought forward the need to recycle phones to reduce E-waste. Lead, Mercury and Cadmium – the three toxic substances present in mobile phone batteries are disposal hazards. All of these toxic substances can cause great harm to all the living organisms. You can sell your mobiles and get cash for mobile phones and even help the environment, read on to know more. (more…)

How to set up a site using Joomla CMS

Joomla Logo
Joomla Logo

Joomla is an award-winning, open-source Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to create websites as well as build applications. It offers efficient and powerful features like no other CMS, and is known for its ease of use and flexibility. In this tutorial, you’ll be learning how to set up your own site on the web using Joomla with ease. (more…)

How to Transfer Files between two PCs using LAN/Ethernet Cable?

Sharing large amounts of data with your friends can really be a hassle if you don’t know of efficient and easy ways to do it. One way is you can use an external storage medium such as an external HDD, USB, etc. This way is convenient for most of us, best for the average users, regardless of the fact that it drains 50% of our precious time in the process. Think about it. first you’ve to copy files to the external media and then copy it again from there to another computer. Isn’t that a waste of time clearly? Here’s when you’ve to look for alternatives if you treasure your time. The best way would be the one which would consume the least time, and must be easy to get along with. This is only possible when you directly transfer file to the another Computer, eliminating the need of a third media.

Windows comes along with built-in File Sharing feature that can be used to share data throughout your network. Don’t worry if you don’t have a network, you can use this feature even by easily linking two computers via a LAN cable, or in other words, by networking two Computers.

This tutorial is really easy to follow and will help you in getting started with LAN file transfers in no time.

Things You Will Require

  • Ethernet/LAN cable (technical name: RJ45/8P8C)

    LAN Cable RJ45/8P8C
    LAN Cable RJ45/8P8C

  • Two Computers with Ethernet/LAN ports.

    LAN Port
    LAN Port

How to get things done?

  • Start up both the computers. You know you have to do this.
  • Network two of them with the LAN Cable. I mean to say, insert the jack of one end into one of the Computers, and obviously, the other goes into the second Computer.

    Sharing Options
    Sharing Options
  • You will see that both the Computers will recognize an unknown LAN network. Go to “Network & Sharing Center” and Enable File Sharing.
  • Go to “Network” (or “View Network Connections” on older versions of Windows).

  • You’d find the networked PC listed over there. Open it, and enter the Username and Password of the other Computer you’re trying to connect to.

For you to be able to connect to another PC, it is necessary that the User Account on the other PC has a password set.

Now you can view the Shared Folders of that Computer to which you’re connected.

How to share Folders over the network?

  • Right-click on the Folder and open “Properties”, browse over to the “Sharing” tab and click on the “Advanced Sharing” button.

    Folder Properties
    Folder Properties
  • In the “Advanced Sharing” dialogue box, Check the “Share this folder” option. Click “Apply” and then “Ok”. This may take some time  if you have a large number of files in that folder, just be patient.

    Advanced Sharing
    Advanced Sharing

You now know how to share a Folder as well as how to connect two computers to a Network and enable sharing. This is how you can easily drag and drop files between two computers and save yourself from bugging data transfers. Hope you liked this tutorial, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop comments below. Smile

Remark: It’s a good measure to disable sharing of folders once you’re done with your work. I once forgot to do this after returning from a friend’s house and realized that my neighbors at my local network had access to my files, which they shouldn’t.

Private Social Networking App for iPhone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MyTies. All opinions are 100% mine.

Privacy has become a matter of primary concern among internet users, specially the social ones! You can never be sure that the information you share online will not be used in an adverse way against you. This one goes specially for the teenagers.

Social Networking is of the people’s favorite hobby these days. Most of us spend time on various Social Networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc. sharing strings of our lives with our fellow friends or relatives. It is good to be social, but being too social can create a world of troubles for you too. Over the past few years there have been many such cases where people had to pay for being over-social. One of the recent cases is of a car being stolen from the parking lot, just a few minutes after the man posted his parking location as a tweet and told that he was going off for a while. There are many such people who keep looking for opportunities to carry out their evil plans.

Here at this point, I’d like to introduce you to MyTies is a free, mobile-only, private social networking application for iPhone. The good thing about it is you can arrange your contacts into groups and then share specific data (like messages, photos, videos, location information)  among different groups. You can have various separate groups for your friends, colleagues, co-workers, relatives, etc. This way, you can share only the information that is relevant to one group, privately.

In my opinion, Private Social Networking will be a really good idea to go with. If you had a Private Social Network along with a Social Network, things would be amazing. Imagine, you could share all the harmless data with the Social Network and at the same time, share the sensitive information with the Private Social Network which would have only the really important persons of your life.

MyTies for iPhone
MyTies for iPhone

MyTies for iPhone

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How to prevent slowing down of Windows over time?

It’s not something new to say that the computers get slower over time, start hanging, and ultimately crash. You would have heard many people quoting the age of the computer (or the most recent OS reinstall) whenever you ask them WHY IS THIS RUNNING SO SLOW?