How to prevent slowing down of Windows over time?

It’s not something new to say that the computers get slower over time, start hanging, and ultimately crash. You would have heard many people quoting the age of the computer (or the most recent OS reinstall) whenever you ask them WHY IS THIS RUNNING SO SLOW?


Cheap Webhosting Guide for Webmasters

Nowadays websites are gaining a lot of momentum all over and everyone wants to own a site, be it personal or commercial. This post of mine is aimed at helping you to choose a good webhost to begin with. First of all, let me tell you about a web host. A web host is a space provider over the internet that makes your site available to the web users. (more…)

Do you know how you can Recover RAID?

In one of my recent posts I explained what is RAID Array, what are its pros and cons and how you can calculate the RAID array capacity, speed and tolerance online – over here. In this post I’m going to talk about a software that I recently came across, that can help you to recover your RAID Array if it stops working for any reason. (more…)

Google Talk Chatting Tips & Shortcuts

GTalk, my fav. messenger :D
GTalk, my fav. messenger :D

Most of us chat a lot everyday, with friends, family members and many other. If I don’t chat for a day with at least not even with one person, I say the day was boring! :P

So here am I with some chat formatting tips & shortcuts that will help you to deal more efficiently with GTalk… (more…)

Direct Navigation Traffic

Just found some useful info to share with you all!

Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing
Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing

Direct Navigation is a way of browsing on the usenet, where the users reach the site they are looking for, without the help of search engines or links from other directories or pages. Direct Navigation traffic is also called type-in traffic as the users type the term in the address bar followed by a “.com” which takes them to the relevant site. Those domains which the users type-in, which redirects them to the relevant sites are known as “generic domains”.

If you’re? a site owner, then Direct Navigation traffic is what you must be looking for! It will give you targeted, high-quality traffic for your site…This traffic tends to convert visits much better into sales or paying customers!

There are many Direct Navigation Marketers out there, but the one that I found good was Elephant Traffic

Elephant Traffic is a marketplace where the domianers -? the ones who own generic domains, & the advertisers – the ones who want traffic via the domainers’ domain meet.
The advertiser can search for generic domains relevant to their site and contact the domainer to redirect it to their site, and the domainers get money from the advertisers for the same!

Never install Quickheal Cleaner, it is an Adware…


Today I got introduced to an adware – Quickheal Cleaner, the way it was installed on the PC was quite intresting…

I was going to watch a movie today, which I had downloaded yesterday from P2P netwroking sites (torrents). When I opened the movie with Windows Media Player (as it was in .wmv format), it said that the codec required to play the movie has to be downloaded. I downloaded it and installed it, then what I noticed was that the file “Quickheal” wasn’t a codec it was a program. Then it ran automatically, started some sort of scanning (like Windows Defender does) & started giving out warnings & alerts again & again, that the PC is having a lot of threats + internet attacks + Trojans + whatever malicious you could think of… (LOL)

This behaviour itself proved to me that this Quickheal Cleaner was an Adware, (I had had such coincidences before) I googled for Quickheal Cleaner & found that what I had thought is true, it is an Adware…

Now, how do I get the PC back to normal? I googled that and found some softwares called “Quickheal Cleaner Removal Tool“. But I couldn’t trust those softwares either. I got other ways of manually removing it, but they seemed time-consuming…At this point of time, running Windows Restore? & restoring the PC to an earlier time seemed most probable thing to do, and the most easiest also.

Thank God, that the adware hadn’t deleted the System Restore points (deleting the restore points is common for trojans). After the System Restore, the PC was normal again. Then to convince myself, I opened that movie file with GOM Media Player & I learned that it was a fake video file binded with an Adware as GOM Player just showed some green & white horizontal lines moving over the screen for 5 seconds :P

So if you ever come across anything called Quickheal Cleaner, don’t even think to install it, unless you want your PC dumped with fake alerts (they are really irritating) & ads :D