Multiple GTalk Simultaneously

Have Multiple Google Accounts?
And want to login with both of them on Gtalk on single PC?

This is what I wanted to do as I’ve got two Google IDs, so I found out the way to run multiple GTalks simultaneously…

How to do it:

  1. Create a shortcut to GTalk on your desktop (if you dont have currently).
  2. Go to the properties of the shortcut. There in the target, you’ll see something like: “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe”
  3. Add /mutex to that target line. Then the line would be : “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex
  4. “Apply” it and then click “Ok”.
  5. Check out if it works, Enjoy Multi-GTalks!

Don’t forget to leave comments here if this works…[:)]

How this Works:
The mutex is short for mutual exclusion object. A mutex is a program object that allows multiple program threads to share the same resource, but not simultaneously.

So, in the hack above, we used nomutex (no-mutex) so to use the same resources simultaneously…

TrueCrypt- For All Your Encryption Needs

TrueCrypt is a free, open-source, disk encryption software which protects your disks/files from unauthorized access. It is a software with bundles of features, simple and advanced. Its main features are:

  • Creation of virtual encrypted disks (&) mounting them as real disks.
  • Encrypting the entire HDD or a partition of HDD.
  • Encrypting a whole removable drive, such as USB Flash Disk.
  • Encrypted Disks can contain Hidden OS.
  • Encrypted disks can be made hidden, so that you’re not forced by anyone to reveal the password and view your files.
  • TrueCrypt Volumes cannot be identified, it will appear as an unknown file. (Unless you have the TrueCrypt Software directly installed on your PC, and the format of your volumes is shifted to .tc instead of anyfiles( .*).
  • TrueCrypt supports the following algorithms:
  1. AES-256
  2. Serpent
  3. Twofish

I myself have tried TrueCrypt on my USB and found it super!
You can get more information of TrueCrypt from its official site:

Download TrueCrypt:

  1. From Easy Share: Click Here!
  2. From Easy Share: Portable Version– Click here!

Download MP4 Videos directly from Youtube

Youtube is the best entertainment portal on the net. It has a vast collection of videos and more videos than any other video site on the net. Everyone who has ever visited Youtube would have wondered, “Can I download this videos?” and must have tried up many ways an would have got disappointed or would have been succeeded in getting .flv videos.

I was able to download videos in flv format but it was a disaster and time-waste for me to convert them to mp4 and moreover I was not satisfied with the video quality of the converts.

Now I’ve found a way with which I can download .mp4 videos directly from Youtube. I’ll be telling of it to you all in this post…


  1. Internet Download Manager (Click here to download) or Orbit Downloader (Click here to download).
  2. Internet Connection:)


  1. Install Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other relevant.
  2. Go to and watch the video.
  3. Add &fmt=18 to the URL of the video (without any gap or space). Example:
  4. After adding it would look like:
  5. Then download the video with IDM or whatever software you had installed. You will see that it comes in MP4 format.

The secret of this is that recently Youtube was doing some tests with its videos. It started providing the videos in HQ by adding links saying “Watch this video in High Quality”. What this link does is that it adds &fmt=6 to the URL of the video.

Other codes which can be used are:

  • &fmt=6 (normal HQ)
  • &fmt=12 (better than before)
  • &fmt=16 (clode to MP4)
  • &fmt=18(outputs the MP4 file of the video instead of FLV, thus giving MP4 quality)
  • &fmt=22(highest quality, somewhat more HQ than MP4 and more advanced)


ProRat is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), made by the PRO Group. It is just an awesome program for remotely administering another PC.
SNAP of ProRat:

Its features are:

  • Remote Control
  • System Info, App. Status, Task Manager
  • Add Processes, Files, Download Files
  • Some Funny Stiff for Fun
  • Admin FTP
  • Give Damage: Format Drives
  • Remote Downloader
  • Run MS-DOS Command, Batch Script, VBScript
  • Add a Registry Entry
  • Keylogger: Password Recording
  • Screnshots, Direct Windows Viewing
  • Send Message, Chat
  • Shutdown, Restart, Control Panel, IExplorer, Registry, Printer and Online Controls
  • Much More…Get ProRat to check it out…!

Download it from the Official Site…

Official Site:

Rapidshare No-Waiting Bug

Ya, you heard it right…
I was bored of the timers of Rapidshare…which disallowed me to download toolz…
I searched the net and here’s what I got….A Script to pass the timer….

Goto the Rapidshare link from where you want the file.
Type this in the address bar an hit Enter “javascript:allert(c=0).”


This bug is now fixed…

Download Youtube Videos Directly

(First of all, Please Bookmark this post for instant access to download videos!)

Everyone who uses Youtube, wonders if he could download videos from Youtube without any struggle for searching and installing softwares.
Now its gonna be really easy!

Just enter the video’s URL below and get the Video.
Thanks to its developers!

Download youtube Video

Download Youtube Videos without installing any software

Youtube is the best site to watch videos on the web.Downloading videos from Youtube is really simple. There are sites which allow you to download videos from Youtube without any difficulty, just by inputting video URL.

Some sites are given below:

Vixy allows downloading youtube videos in many formats. It allows you to download YouTube’s video to AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP file format online. It has very handy options to download videos in various formats required for Personal Computers, MP3 Players, iPODs and mobile phones. To download the video go to, enter the URL of your favorite youtube video and select the download format. Click on start to download.

This is one the easiest and my favorite site to download Youtube videos as flv files. When you are watching a video, just add the word “kiss” to the browser URL and press enter. For example if you are watching a video at, you need to add the word kiss in the begging of the URL[] in your browser address bar and press enter. A link to download the video as FLV movie file. The FLV movie can be played back by many free FLV Players available on the net[Click here to download free FLV Player]