Fiverr: Do small jobs and get jobs done for $5!

It has become so easy to earn money online these days! Online opportunities provide a flexible way to earn according to your own conveniences, hence there are a lot of people running behind it. Teens are not behind in this matter, I can even say that teens comprise of more than the adults when it comes to small online jobs. (more…)

Earn Online by doing extremely simple Tasks!

Artificial technology is advancing day-by-day, along with need of humane intelligence is also increasing, that’s the reason why Amazon has started a service called Mechanical Turk that pays you for doing really damn easy things which currently only humans can do :P

(Note: Please ignore the quality of this post, as this is my first post under “Earn Online” category :D)

Earn $$$ Online
Earn $$$ Online

Amazon M-Turk has two parties – the worker and the requester. The requester, as the name suggests, requests the workers to work on something and give them the required info. These tasks are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) on M-Turk.

Some HITs are just answers in “yes” or “no”! Unbelievable, right?

I came across M-Turk, while I was searching for some opportunities to earn some $$$ online – and it was more convenient then all other stuffs such as writing articles, reviewing forms, etc. In fact, M-Turk is a mixture of opportunities, all sorts of works can be found there :)

There are also location based HITs on M-Turk and there’s a qualification system also. There are many types of Qualifications each for a different type of HIT, this helps in maintaining the quality of work done by the workers :)

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