How To Hack WEP Passwords

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You already know that if you want to lock down your Wi-Fi network, you should opt for WPA encryption because WEP is easy to crack. But did you know how easy? Take a look.

Today we’re going to run down, step-by-step, how to crack a Wi-Fi network with WEP security turned on. But first, a word: Knowledge is power, but power doesn’t mean you should be a jerk, or do anything illegal. Knowing how to pick a lock doesn’t make you a thief. Consider this post educational, or a proof-of-concept intellectual exercise



Bypass MegaUpload Download Limits

MegaUploadIt was a good evening & I had planned to download some cool stuff. I got the download links and started downloading the files, the files were hosted on Downloaded two files and then came the number of third one, tried to download it and got a message that my download limit has exceeded or else I had to wait for some additional time to the default waiting time (45 seconds).

This seemed very annoying to me, and I wanted to download the files somehow without waiting for a long time. After thinking for a some time, an idea came up in my mind. It was “cookies” (not the cookies you eat :P), the browser cookies!

Every site uses cookies to store specific data on your computer, and so is the case with It stores the download data in the cookies, so when you visit Megaupload for another download, it check for the cookies…if it finds that you have downloaded several files in the past time, you’ll have to wait for some extra time…

And if you clear those cookies, Megaupload would think that you haven’t downloaded files in the past time and you would have to wait the default 45 seconds.

Here are the steps:

  1. After downloading one or two files, go to the download link of the third file. Don’t enter the code and don’t start the download.
  2. Now go to” Tools->Options…” in the Menubar. Switch to the “Privacy” tab in the “Options” window.
  3. In “Privacy” tab, under the subheading “Cookies”, click on “Show Cookies…”.
  4. A window would pop-up with the title “Cookies”, there would be a search box in that window. In that search box, type “”.
  5. This will filter all the cookies and bring up the cookies which are from MegaUpload. Then, select all those MegaUpload cookies using shift, and press the “Remove Cookies” option at the bottom.
  6. Then refresh the download page and start the download.
  7. Repeat these steps to continue downloading more file. :)

Password Viewers

Saving Passwords on IE, Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, etc helps you to easily access your account next time, without inserting your password, but this idea is no-good. Why? Read further to know the reason.

If someone has physical access to your computer, he can easily see your passwords using the softwares mentioned below, and there are other ways of password-theft online.

What these softwares basically does is it finds the file in which the passwords are saved, decrypts them and makes them visible to the user. You can carry these softwares in your Flash Drive and use them on your victims.

Some good password viewers:

  1. MSPass: Displays saved passwords of Messengers. Works for Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live/MSN, Skype and many others.
  2. IE PassViewer: Displays saved passwords of Internet Explorer.
  3. Password Fox: Displays saved passwords of Mozilla Firefox.

PollDaddy Polls Unlimited Voting (Exploit)

I recently found a way to do unlimited votes on PollDaddy Polls and other such Poll Systems

The Poll Services add a cookie and some additional data to your computer which prevents you from doing more than the prescribed votes (usually 1). But if you clear these cookies along with some data, then you can do more votes.

How to do unlimited voting in Firefox

We first need to setup Firefox according to our circumstances. Here are the things to be done:

  • Go to Tools>Options & click on the Privacy tab.
  • Uncheck the last option, “Ask me before clearing my private data“.

    Selecting Options
    Selecting Options
  • Then click on the “Settings” in the? “Private Data” column.

    Selecting the Settings
    Selecting the Settings
  • Click “Ok“, then “Apply” & click “Ok“.
  • Our Firefox is ready to help us do voting at a fast speed.

    Now just keep 2 shortcuts in mind:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Del (Clears Private Data)
  • Ctrl + R (Refreshes a page)
  • Now here are the steps to vote unlimited:

  • Go to the poll’s page.
  • Vote once.
  • Clear Private Data using the shortcut.
  • Refresh the page using the shortcut, then vote again.
  • For voting continuously, keep on repeating the steps 3 & 4.
  • How to do unlimited voting in Google Chrome

    Here are the steps:

  • Go to the poll’s page, do the vote.
  • Click on the tools tab (top-right corner) & choose “Clear Browsing Data…“.
  • Tick all the options & in the “period” select “Everything“. Click on “Clear Browsing Data“.
  • Refresh the page & vote again.
  • Repeat these steps to vote again.
  • Thanks to a special friend without whom, this post would not have been possible:)

Yahoo: Unlimited BUZZ (Exploit)

Has anyone noticed how many times can you BUZZ/DING someone continously? The answer is once in 5-7 seconds…you can’t press the BUZZ button more than once in 5-7 seconds. (Try it now)

This is for preventing users to flood others with BUZZs which would disturb them if they are busy. But there’s an exploit for this feature it allows a user to BUZZ another user without any limitation.

Very useful if someone dosen’t respond to your chats[:P]. I found this exploit when I was chatting with one of my friend, and I had entered a message which I later realized, was a code in Yahoo Messenger.
The Message was: <DING>

Like other codes which poped up smileys, this code(<DING>) was the code for giving BUZZs. And this code can be used to overcome the BUZZ limitation.

You cant send more than one BUZZ in 5-7 seconds using the BUZZ button, but can use this code to give unlimited BUZZs.

Using this exploit, you can fry up the brain of the one who dosen’t reply back to you. Just Copy the code, paste it and enter, then carry on the paste and enter again-and-agian till the user responds to your messages…!

‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit

The easiest way of getting into other computer and getting access to its files is via “‘File and Printer Sharing’ Exploit”…
I’ll explain all the things in detail (as it is a step-by-step tutorial)
Files and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Clients is a feature of Windows which lets its users to Share Files and Printer over the Network. But hackers think differently, for them it’s the easiest way to get into a computer.
These are the steps that a hacker would take:

  1. Get your IP.
  2. Check for “File and Printer Sharing” vulnerability. By Going to Run/cmd.exe and typing: nbtstat [Ip address here] -N (it should be capital)…
  3. He would get something like: (note that this command is “nbtstat -n” not “nbtstat [ip address] -N”, both command s are different. nbtstat -n tells about the Local Address)
  4. The 2 digits in the <> brackets are Hex Codes of different services used…The Code to search for is <20> which means that “File and Printer Sharing” is enabled.
  5. Once he knows that it is, then he can Get into the files and folders you have shared!
  6. I’ll tell you to do that too.

  7. Now what he would do is:Net view \\
  8. He would get a response such as:Shared resources at \\ip_address
    Sharename??????????????????? Type?????????? Comment
    MY DOCUMENTS??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Disk
    TEMP??????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Disk
    The command was completed successfully.
  9. Now when he has got the list of shared resources, he could easily access them by using the “net use” command. Here’s what a ‘net use’ command would look like:
    Net use x: \\\MY DOCUMENTS
  10. That’s it…The Hacker has got access to the “My Documents” Folder…

Now, when I have explained about the lack of security due to the “File and Printer Sharing”, I would also explain how to securify it in my next post…
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