Use a Pandora Battery as a Normal Battery

If for a while, you converted your original battery to pandora battery and want to use it as normal battery without disabling its Pandora features, then this short post is for you!

It’s really easy, just follow these 5 steps…

  1. Download PSP Grader.
  2. Extract the downloaded file & Run it.
  3. Connect your MemoryStick to the PC via a Card Reader or via the PSP by using a Mini USB Cable. PSP Grader will automatically detect it or browse for it if it doesn’t.
  4. Click on the “Inject IPL Only” (the second button at the bottom).

    Select "Inject IPL Only"
    Select "Inject IPL Only"
  5. That’s it! You’ve done it!

Now whenever you insert the Pandora with the MemoryStick that you modded right now, it will start the PSP instead of putting it in service mode. Now you can keep this battery as spare whenever you’re out for travel, for when you eat up your battery, this spare battery will be handy :D

And remember your battery is still a Pandora, it will boot the PSP into service mode if you insert any unmodded MemoryStick (or no MemoryStick :P )

Easily Downgrade PSP Slim & Enable CFW

Note: This tutorial is NOT for PSP 2000 with TA-088v3 motherboard.

This tutorial/guide will help you to:

  1. Make a Pandora Battery (without using another downgraded PSP), and convert it back to normal, or use a Pandora as Normal battery using PSP Grader.
  2. Downgrade PSP Slim from ANY Official Firmware (I tested it @ OFW 5.51 & it worked fine :D )
  3. Install Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-4, then upgrade to 5.00 M33-6 (upgrade is optional)

Stuff you’ll Need

  • PSP Slim/PSP 2000 (but not TA-088)
  • A battery (should NOT be the new ones, they are Pandora proof)
  • Extra battery, if you don’t plan to convert the pandora battery to a normal one
  • MemoryStick of at least 64MB, not more than 4GB
  • Mini USB Cable or Card Reader to put files on the MemoryStick
  • Knife/Blade, Safety Pin/Needle
  • AC Charger/Wall Charger
  • Conputer with an internet connection (internet connection required for Downloading)

Files to be Downloaded

To make things easier, and to avoid confusions, we will do it all step-by-step…

  1. Make a Magic MemoryStick
  2. Make a Pandora Battery
  3. Final Transformation ( from OFW to CFW :P )
  4. Upgrading to CFW 5.00 M33 – 6 (Optional)

Note: If you don’t follow the steps correctly, you’ll end up with a BRICKED PSP.

Make a Magic MemoryStick

  • Extract PSP Grader and Run it.
  • Connect the PSP to the PC via a Mini USB Cable or put the MemoryStick in the Card Reader and connect it to the PC. PSPGrader will automatically detect it. Target it if it doesn’t.
  • Check the option “Format Memory Stick

    Check "Format Memory Stick"
    Check "Format Memory Stick"
  • Then after that, click on “Create Pandora Stick”, (the last button on the right).
  • It will now do all the required processes and will finally copy the files, this will take some 5 minutes.
  • Magic Memory Stick is now ready!

Make a Pandora Battery

  • Take your knife/blade and open up the battery. Be cautious while doing that, make sure that your tool dosen’t harm the internals of the battery as well as your hands.
  • After it is opened up, look for a connector labelled “IC04” or “C04” (depends on your battery).
  • Take your Safety Pin/Needle and slightly lift up the leg at the bottom of the right side of that chip, to avoid cutting the opposite side of the leg, check whether you are holding the chip correctly (there will be code written on the chip, use it to check the correct? position).

    PSP Slim Battery IC04 Connector
    PSP Slim Battery IC04 Connector
  • For a PSP Slim S110 Battery, instead of lifting up the leg or cutting it, you can cut the PCB line that connects to that leg.

    PSP Slim S110 Battery | Cut the PCB Line
    PSP Slim S110 Battery | Cut the PCB Line
  • That’s it, put back the battery cover and glue it or use a tape or just leave it like that (your wish :P ).

If you have done it all right, the Pandora Battery is ready! Remove the MemoryStick from the PSP and insert the battery, if the PSP starts by itself, then you can be sure that it’s Pandora!

Final Transformation (from OFW to CFW :P )

  • Plug in the AC Charger (but don’t insert the battery), & start your PSP, while the PSP is on, put in the pandora battery.
  • Check the battery’s charge level (->Settings->System Settings->Battery Information), if it is below 78%, turn off the PSP and let it charge.
  • If you have to check the charge level, don’t try to directly turn on the PSP as it is having the Pandora Battery. Repeat steps 1 & 2 if you have to be sure about the charge level.
  • Now, keep away the AC Charger, we’re ready to roll!
  • Insert the Magic MemoryStick and keep the Left Trigger pressed and then insert the Pandora Battery. As soon as you insert the Pandora battery, the PSP should start by itself.
  • A menu will load up shortly, with many Options. One option of these will be “Install Custom Firmware”, go to it and press “X“.
  • Now you don’t need to do anything, except waiting for the Installer to do the flashing.
  • After it is done, you’ll need to press “X” to restart your device. Now go to System Information (“Settings->System Settings->System Information”), you will see System Software 5.00 M33-4 !

    CFW 5.00 M33-4
    CFW 5.00 M33-4
  • Congrats!! Your PSP is downgraded!!!
    Now remove the Pandora battery and insert the normal one, or just convert the Pandora back to normal by pressing the leg down so that it goes to its normal/previous position or solder the PCB line (whichever step you had taken, just revert it) :D
    Or you could use the PSP Grader to use a Pandora as a Normal Battery, in PSP Grader, select the second option “Inject IPL Only“.

You are currently having CFW 5.00 M33-4! :)

Upgrading to 5.00 M33-6

  • To Update it to CFW 5.00 M33-6, you need this file: CFW 5.00 M33 – 6.
  • Format the Magic MemoryStick (->System->System Settings->Format Memory Stick).
  • Extract the downloaded file & copy the folder “Update” present in it, to “PSP\Game\” on the MemoryStick.
  • Now run the Update on the PSP, it will be there in “Game“.
  • Follow the instructions, after the update, you’ll be having 5.00 M33-6 :D !

There’s nothing wrong in dropping down a comment below! Comment Please!

And yes, the two pictures of the battery above don’t belong to me, I don’t know who has given out those pics, if you know it then please do inform me so that I can give them credits :P

Be sure to contact me if you face any problems!

Make a USB PSP Charger

This is a easy step-by-step tutorial (for n00bs) for making a PSP USB Charger using the easily available materials…

Note: Follow the procedure properly or you may end up with a Malfunctioned PSP (And I won’t be responsible for it :P )

Materials Required

  • Any USB Cable
  • PSP Car Charger ( we need its charging end)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Insulation Tape/Electrical Tape
  • Solder Gun & Solder Wire (optional)


  1. From the PSP Car Charger, cut out the charging pin or take any pin that fits in the PSP’s charging port.
  2. Take any USB Cable and leave the end that you plug-in to your PC, and cut off the other end.
  3. Strip off the outer covering of both the wires. In the piece of wire that you had taken from the PSP Car Charger (or just the wire with the charging pin), you’ll find a central wire/inner wire (power) and a wire surrounding the central wire/outer wire (earth). Twist the inner wire and the outer wire and make sure that they don’t touch each other.
  4. In the stripped USB Cable, you’ll find 4 wires. The red one is +5volts and the black one is ground. We do not need the green and white wires as they are for data. others are ground and data wires. Strip off the red and black wires. Leave the data wires disconnected.
  5. Join the red wire with the inner/central wire and twist it, and join the black wire with the outer wire of the charger and twist that.
  6. Solder the previously joined wires (optional) and cover them with the insulating/electrical tape.
  7. Congrats! Your USB PSP Charger is ready…plug it to your nearest available USB port to test it out :D

Update: Instead of connecting the data wires (green/blue/white) with the ground wire (black/brown) in the USB Cable and then connecting them to the ground wire of the PSP Charger’s cable, cut the data wires in the USB Cable, leave them intact and just connect the ground wire of the USB Cable with the ground wire of the PSP Charger.

Update: Data cable error pointed out by bobdamnit.

Now you can charge your PSP wherever there’s a USB Port!