How to Install Apps with Expired Certificate on Nokia Devices

Expired Certificate Error
Expired Certificate Error

Encountering installation errors such as “Unsigned Application” or “Expired Certificate” isn’t something new for Nokia Users. While the Unsigned Application error can be patched by using third-party private keys with singing applications, there’s a relatively easier path to tackle Expired Certificate error. (more…)

How to Send Protected Files on Nokia Smartphones

“Unable to send protected object”

Unable to send protected object

This is the error that you would have probably come across, while trying to send specific files through the default File Manager that comes with Nokia mobile phones. This is the reason why people prefer to install 3rd party applications like FExplorer, FileMan, etc. But what if you don’t have any of them and want to send a protected file urgently? (more…)

How to Recycle your Mobiles and get Cash

The practice of recycling mobile phones is gathering much attention these days due to environmental campaigns. Theses campaigns have brought forward the need to recycle phones to reduce E-waste. Lead, Mercury and Cadmium – the three toxic substances present in mobile phone batteries are disposal hazards. All of these toxic substances can cause great harm to all the living organisms. You can sell your mobiles and get cash for mobile phones and even help the environment, read on to know more. (more…)

Private Social Networking App for iPhone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MyTies. All opinions are 100% mine.

Privacy has become a matter of primary concern among internet users, specially the social ones! You can never be sure that the information you share online will not be used in an adverse way against you. This one goes specially for the teenagers.

Social Networking is of the people’s favorite hobby these days. Most of us spend time on various Social Networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc. sharing strings of our lives with our fellow friends or relatives. It is good to be social, but being too social can create a world of troubles for you too. Over the past few years there have been many such cases where people had to pay for being over-social. One of the recent cases is of a car being stolen from the parking lot, just a few minutes after the man posted his parking location as a tweet and told that he was going off for a while. There are many such people who keep looking for opportunities to carry out their evil plans.

Here at this point, I’d like to introduce you to MyTies is a free, mobile-only, private social networking application for iPhone. The good thing about it is you can arrange your contacts into groups and then share specific data (like messages, photos, videos, location information)  among different groups. You can have various separate groups for your friends, colleagues, co-workers, relatives, etc. This way, you can share only the information that is relevant to one group, privately.

In my opinion, Private Social Networking will be a really good idea to go with. If you had a Private Social Network along with a Social Network, things would be amazing. Imagine, you could share all the harmless data with the Social Network and at the same time, share the sensitive information with the Private Social Network which would have only the really important persons of your life.

MyTies for iPhone
MyTies for iPhone

MyTies for iPhone

Start making ties with MyTies app right now! Get it Here. And do use the promo code “myprivacy” to get 20 more free invites.

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Make Free Conference Calls with Powwownow

Conference Calling has become a? major part of one’s business for it let’s making business plans and discussing strategies not only a job to be done in office meetings. Anyone can discuss ideas and make various business plans with the aid of Conference Calling. Not only is it limited to business, but you can also utilize it to have a conference among your friends or relatives. :) (more…)

Recycle Your Mobile Phone for Cash

New Mobile phones keep launching in the market, and current ones become “old” and “outdated”. That’s when you buy a new phone. But then, what do you do with your old phones? Do you keep them in the drawer? Lend it to someone? Or just simply dispose them off when they’re completely rotten?

Did you know that there’s an alternative profitable option than all these? Recycling – that’s what it is. Nowadays various recycling companies have started recycling mobile phones. These companies buy your phones at reasonable prices. This way, even you can make some cash with your old phone that you thought was worthless! (more…)

How to Update the Firmware of Nokia Phones

Firmware is the root software of? a device, just like the Operating System on computers. Keeping your phone up-to-date, with the latest firmware is what keeps your phone lively! Nokia releases many firmware updates with bug-fixes, extra features or just improved versions. If you have the latest firmware installed on your Nokia gadget, you can be sure to have access to the latest softwares that come into existence and the most latest features that roll out! (more…)

Make VOIP Calls using Internet Telephone on Nokia Devices

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol enables you to make phone calls over the net. We can see that more and more people everyday are replacing their regular calls with VOIP calls due to extremely cheap call rates, especially for international calls. Nowadays, even mobile phones are coming with in-built VOIP features so that you can easily set them up and start using it right away!

Internet Call option on E63
Internet Call option on E63