Clear Installation Logs of Nokia S60 Phones

Ever heard of it before? S60 phones’ installer logs the installations i.e., when an app was installed or uninstalled, into a log file…


You can view the log by going to “Application Manager->Options->View Log”…surprized huh? When I saw this log for the first time, I thought to clear the mess over there. But, there wasn’t any “Clear Log” option in the menu :|

I thought to have some fun, clearing it manually using FExplorer (My favorite file manager). I used to browse system files and look at the structure of the stored system files whenever I was free with my mobile, with nothing to do…and from this, I had a good idea where I would find the log file (I also knew that logs are stored with a “.log” extension) of the installation.

I headed up to “C:\System” and looked for any folder that would hold that .log, then I browsed to “C:\System\Install\” and found “install.log”. I deleted it and refreshed the Application Manager & viewed the log file, which said “(no data)” :D

That’s how I hacked the installation log on my Nokia N70 :) (not sure of it is the same for other S60 mobiles)

Secret Codes for Sony Ericsson

Just some Universal Sony Ericsson mobile codes:
Getting your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity):
Number: *#06#

Access Software version:
> * < < * < * Reach last dialed numbers: 0 then # The Sony Ericsson Secret Menu screen: -> * <- <- * <- * Change to Default Language (English): <>

Info about SIMLOCK:
< * * < Opening phone without a SIM card: **04*0000*0000*0000# followed by on ?Wrong Pin? number