Recover Deleted Data with ReclaiMe

ReclaiMe data recovery software is a new software out in the market that recovers lost data using the very latest and modern techniques and algorithms. It is Windows-based and works to undelete, unformat & recover data that is lost in any way. It works with most of the media, and supports a large number of filesystems like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, etc. It can also recover RAW filesystem drives. And, it is also capable of recovering data from a MAC storage device which use the HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) or UFS filesystems (such as Apple iPod, iPhone, etc.) :)

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Recycle :P

Run Trial Softwares, Even When Trial Period is Over

I had to make use of a software which was running under trial period, and I had almost forgotten it that I had that software on the PC…it was damn urgent and I didn’t have a penny in my PayPal account to buy it.

This is when I remembered of a software called *Time Stopper*, which claims to run trials forever. But I thought to try doing things myself, what the software is supposed to do :)

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Movie Reels

Windows Essencials Codec Pack for All Your Multimedia Needs

Get Codecs Pack

Get Codecs Pack

Ever been disappointed when you weren’t able to play your favorite movie on your PC or listen to the latest album of your favorite artist?

That was the case with me when I tried to play a movie which was in .mkv(matroska video) format. I hadn’t had any introduction with this format before, and whatever movies that I watched were in my favorite – XviD Codec :) Continue reading