ProRat is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), made by the PRO Group. It is just an awesome program for remotely administering another PC.
SNAP of ProRat:

Its features are:

  • Remote Control
  • System Info, App. Status, Task Manager
  • Add Processes, Files, Download Files
  • Some Funny Stiff for Fun
  • Admin FTP
  • Give Damage: Format Drives
  • Remote Downloader
  • Run MS-DOS Command, Batch Script, VBScript
  • Add a Registry Entry
  • Keylogger: Password Recording
  • Screnshots, Direct Windows Viewing
  • Send Message, Chat
  • Shutdown, Restart, Control Panel, IExplorer, Registry, Printer and Online Controls
  • Much More…Get ProRat to check it out…!

Download it from the Official Site…

Official Site:

Anonymous Browser

Guyz, now here’s a really good tool “Freegate” which makes you Anonymous, its a proxy!
Everyone wants to be anonymous…
Especially a hacker & others just wanna protect themselves from getting hacked. Anonymous browsing can’t be truly anonymous, there always are ways to trace out a anonymous person…
So remember don’t think that you can do illegal deeds by using this tool!
It makes you anonymous by giving you a random IP and also provides you with a Proxy to overcome the censorship…

Download: HERE