Google TV Features Overview

Google TV
Google TV

After entering the mobile market with it’s successful Android-powered gadget Nexus One, Google is now looking forward to another dimension – the TV! Google TV is to be launched in this fall, and there’s already a lot of excitement relating to it on the webosphere. They say that it’s nothing new, and is what other companies like Apple have already came up with. :P (more…)

GigaPixel Images? Yes, now they’re here! Have a look at this 77GigaPixel Image!

Well, I’m so amazed with these pictures that go beyond the MegaPixels! It’s GigaPixel(GP), 1 GigaPixel is 1000 times that of a MegaPixel, so just imagine how cool images can you get with it!

One of my friends, Ashok Boudh recently posted a Video that shows the presentation of an image by Yosemite, of 17GP. I decided to further check out the possibilities and found that as of right now, the world record is that of 77.97GigaPixels, by Gigapan, with a viewing angle of 150 degrees wide! (more…)